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November 16 2013

Our Favorite TV Small Towns. Our favorite Hellmouth earns a spot on this EW list.

Although, as the series went on and more places that were supposedly there the whole time were introduced (like, for example, a college campus which is too far away from Buffy's house to drive to every morning), Sunnydale seems a lot less a small town. Still, totally deserves a spot on this list.
Technically 39+K is technically a city, albeit provincial, which is just what I like. I'm truly tired of movies and shows set in New York brownstones.
As the list commented, Springfield was bordered by Ohio, Maine, Kentucky, and Nevada. I'm beginning to thing Sunnydale had a similar geographic phenomenon at work. Of course, there would have been an in-show explanation:

"I've got a theory, that it's a demon,
A cartographic demon -- no, something isn't right there..."
Yes, it's a harbour town in the middle of the desert.
Well, So-Cal is chapparal country, which trails off into desert - presumably the bus came out on the dry end of town *grin.

As far as the Asylumverse, well, I've read at least 2 fics set in totally different versions of same, one non-supernatural and one where Sunnydale was real but Buffy never was called or went there, just Faith.

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