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November 17 2013

Can't Stop The Serenity auction kicks off. Lots of goodies to be had here. For instance, there's a Firefly Companion book signed by Joss and a Much Ado poster signed by Joss and some of the cast. All proceeds go to Equality Now and the direct link to the auction can be found here.

Can someone give me some money to buy stuff?
There's some seriously cool stuff there. How do I choose???
There's stuff I'd love - I do believe this auction will become a busy free-for-all in just over eight days, as it nears its end. I don't want to say what I really want... well, because I'm just that cagey. ; ]

It's always so surprising what people go for in different years - and which things get early heavy traffic, knowing that there are still eight days to go...

*tries not to look directly at the stuff she wants...*

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