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November 17 2013

(SPOILER) Four minutes from tomorrow's episode "The Well". Agents of SHIELD goes Asgardian.

"You're our little monkey". Cue the Ward/Fitz slash.
Exactly my thought, Perseo. The line that launched a thousand fics.
Ha! Cue the slash.

And that's Kat from Alphas (Erin Way). It looks like a really cool ep; I love that they are cleaning up the mess of Thor.
any idea what kind of accent they were aiming for ?
I'd guess at a Norwegian accent. The sign said Trillemarka Naturreservat and that's in Norway.

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I agree that it's Norway, but the accents sounded like some weird combination of Irish and S. African. Not so good. However the episode looks like fun! Perhaps I'll try to sneak out to see Thor before tomorrow night!
I was just traveling in Norway a few months ago - no one sounded like that.
Of course the bigger question is if they were indeed Norwegian why were they speaking English?

Anyway I like the beginning part with Simmons doing an Odin type monologue only to cut it short and everyone complaining about all the mess.
I wonder if this episode will make any sense to people who haven't seen the Thor movie yet.
It has happened before that some Norwegians have adopted a variety of accents and used them accurately and inaccurately.

A Norwegian who is not trying to speak in the melody of English will sound a bit odd to English people. He will probably not sound like the pair here. The girl sounds more English than anything else to my ears. The man sounds as if he is trying to have a very intense voice, possibly with Norwegian as his first language, thereby influencing the melody in his voice. He sounds kind of silly.

I think I read the casting list and none of these people are Norwegian. Well, maybe the park rangers. "God, what have you done?" sounded so corny, and well, Norwegian.

It would be awesome if Fandrel showed up. Zachary Levi could do that.
AndrewCrossett I was coming here to ask the same thing! There are those of us who can't afford to go to every single movie that comes out.

I'm of two minds on this tie-in episode: I like that they're keeping the continuity flowing, but I hope the episode won't be confusing to those who haven't seen the movie (i.e. lots of in-jokes and references).
As it is a Norse artifact that's been hidden for thousands of years, it makes sense they'd be in Norway. The two who find it could be from anywhere, but yeah, why the park rangers would speak English when no one else is around is perhaps odd, but not necessarily unbelievable.

I think ABC and Jed/Mo are aware that people will see this episode without having seen Thor 2, so they'd make sure The Well can be followed and enjoyed without seeing the movie. Frankly, I think the marketing is more misleading than anything else. The staff from the tree is not part of the movie.
I don't think the show is referencing every single movie. Just the one.
IrrationliTV My point was some people can't afford to go to the movies, or might only be able to get to one or two a year (if they're lucky), so hopefully, as bobw10 suggests, those in charge of this episode realize that not everyone will have seen Thor 2 before this episode airs, and it won't be confusing to those people.

As I said, it's great that the show is keeping with the continuity of the movies, but I'd like it to be its own entity also. If I'm lucky, I'll be able to set some money aside to see Desolation of Smaug next month. My extreme part-time job means I have to pick which movies to see in the theater and which to wait for DVD and eventual Netflix release. I'm sure I'm not the only one who watches SHIELD who is in that position.
I haven't seen Thor 2 yet either, primarily because the theater I can walk to where matinees cost $5 didn't get it. That's why I don't see a lot of movies, actually.

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2013-11-18 20:52 ]
From the video linked here, I don't think the episode will suffer if you haven't see the movie. Just know there was some destruction in London (which they pretty much state upfront).
I will really be shocked if the episode isn't completely accessible to people who didn't see Thor 2.
Lots of people watched The Avengers without seeing the previous MCU movies and enjoyed it.
Most comic books handle telling a wider story through the lens of one character/aspect fine. If Hawkeye makes a joke about Tony Stark being in space, he must be in space; it's a nice nod for those who read other books, but it hardly affects the enjoyment and understanding of the Hawkeye book you're reading.

And let's not forget people watched Buffy without Angel and Angel without Buffy. They survived. People watch Star Trek: TNG without Star Trek: TOS. Generally, writers know how to balance their story so it is still their story, and not a wink-fest.
yeah, as someone who has seen Thor, the clip here really doesn't make it look this episode is really going to depend on having seen Thor; if you go to out to see Thor just to understand the episode, you may find out it was completely needless. It's hard to tell from just these few minutes, but if the clip is any indication, it seems that show is just referencing the movie in the most general way, as "there are these aliens, and now there are dangerous and powerful objects lying around." But the staff doesn't look to me like anything that featured in any meaningful way in the Thor movie. So I think those who are saying it will be accessible on its own are correct.
This is very encouraging, as I don't think I'll be able to see Thor before tomorrow night. About the Norwegian thing, most Norwegians speak English, and have for many years (when my brother moved there in, um, the 1970s, he had to refuse to speak English so that he could learn Norsk). But it is a media convention that the characters in an English or American show will speak English. Although they could have used subtitles, I suppose.
Jocelyn What I liked about the interrogation scene in The Avengers was they were speaking Russian with subtitles, until the bad guy went over to the table to pick up an instrument of torture, and then finished his sentence in English. That was smooth. And then Coulson called and threatened him. :-D

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