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November 19 2013

Film Geek Radio's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.C.A.S.T.. Not pertaining to a specific episode of the series, the hosts of this podcast decided to evaluate the season, so far. They try to examine the show with some much-needed perspective, as they feel some critics are being unfairly negative with regards to comparing it to past Whedon programming.

Contains some adult language.

They are definitely more optimistic, but it also seems like they are agreeing with a lot of the "impatient" critics. The podcast is a list of what they think needs to change, just being less forceful about the urgency.

One of them said, when asked what they want to see going forward, said, "the actual characters." Or later on, "we don't know what these characters want. They don't have goals; we don't know what is driving them." Or when they said that if the season ends at the same level that it is at right now, they might give up.

One thing they mentioned, that I thought was interesting, was that it is not enough to just tease that more information is coming, as that can fan the impatience. Some possible solutions have to be parceled out (but not necessarily the final solution), to keep the viewer thinking and engaged.

Some of the things they wanted to see (like a return to home base) have been addressed in the last two episodes. If the show continues to evolve, I'm guessing they will be hooked whole heartedly.

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