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November 19 2013

(SPOILER) Second sneak peek from Agents of SHIELD's "The Well". Where we finally understand the episode's name.

Spoilers especially for Ward's backstory, probably.

Perseo, if you are posting about episodes in future - would you mind putting Agents of SHIELD before the episode title? i.e

Second sneak peek from Agents of SHIELD's "The Well".

Not everyone who subscribes to our RSS feed, follows us on Twitter etc knows what the episodes are called.
Just done :) Thanks, Simon.
This is the one people. The episode that quiets the negative criticism of the cast and esp. the actor who plays Ward. The one where people stop saying it's a cheesy show. The one were the ratings start going up again. The one that gives everybody positive vibes about this show.

I also sometimes dream of world peace. But I think the above scenario is more likely.
I dont know... I have a plan to kill everybody on earth but me and i think i could achieve world peace that way. Or asking nicely. That might work too.

In the meanwhile, i dont know if this will change peoples minds about the show, but if the day comes, it will be nice.
@alber: I'm not sure, I'm starting to think world peace is more likely :)
Looks good! I'm glad we are getting back story.

I'm going to be delayed watching though due to school meeting. Blah on real life.
Real life sucks some time... but its the only place where i can see this show. ;)
Ward needs a sage to deal with his rage that has poisoned his well from an early age.
Where was CNN given there was a child down a well ?

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