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March 09 2004

It's a Wonderfalls life. Caroline Dhavernas, Tim Minear and Byran Fuller speak to Sci Fi Weekly about the show that's getting all the hype. Some pundits reckon Wonderfalls is the new Buffy.

Yes there's a Wonderfalls category now :). Most if not all threads relating to this show have been retroactively switched to this category.

...they just never really got on that bandwagon and didn't want to invest in the show that way.

It's just so sad that suits in a boardroom have so much control over the creative process. Yes, I know "It's our money, blah, blah, blah", but that much power confined to a small group of money grubbing non-creatives is so very wrong.
The problem is that while it's their money, the product with which they hope to MAKE money is one of creativity and art and that's why they have creative people (writers, directors, actors) make them. But then the money men who have no talent whatsoever then start mucking with the creative process.

Like hiring a plumber because you know nothing of plumbing, and then telling him to do things differently while he's working. Don't complain if your plumbing is screwed up at the end of the day.

I've worked for record companies and it happens a lot there too. People have money, they are the boss and then they start feeling that they should have a direct hand in everything. They feel they're always right in all matters simply because of their position, even if those matters are completely outside their line of expertise.
Wonderfalls does sound interesting though. I'll be checking the first couple of episode out for sure.

There's mention of a group discuss on the Whedonesque Flickr group after the ep, I'll be there if I can.
I finally saw an ad for Wonderfalls. The creamer is talking to a girl, telling her what to say. I gotta admit, I'm not impressed. As there is little else on tv, I'll give it a shot. Probably still better than most of what's on. I just have a feeling it will end up being a 'Tru Calling' for me, where I watch the first few eps and then, later, if it happens to be on, I'll catch it. But I have a feeling it's not gonna be Must See TV for me. Unless EdDantes falls in love with it, then I'll have to watch by default.
Rogue Slayer--Everything I've read from Tim Minear and columnists who've seen the pilot (and maybe the first few episodes past that) have said that the Wonderfalls ads are not representative of what you'll actually be watching. In other words, don't mind the misleading promos the networks crap out.

I'm still cautiously optimistic about this.
I love that he called the creator a hack. ROTFLMAO.

Rogue Slayer, Minear is all over it. Minear made Angel what it is, today. It's whip smart, snarky, a little dark (one character's name is "Poor Bitch"...seriously, that's his name), and there's the thing with the pen. Cracks me up everytime I see it.

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