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November 19 2013

(SPOILER) Promo for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1x09 'Repairs'. This'll air next Tuesday.

You know... maybe a plane is not the best place for them to always be.
I'm waiting for one of the characters to make that comment!
And then Coulson says they can't take the sky from him.
Question: Just where do they go between missions? Or does the plane just fly around in circles until they get a case to investigate?
Presumedly they land at a SHIELD facility somewhere. To save time they always cut to the team in transit from place to place. It does open up the possibility of a "Shore Leave" epsiodes, like they did in The Hub.
There were episodes where they were flying when they received the mission, which seemed weird. I suppose the writers are trying to replicate the Serenity vibe, but it's less believable on Earth than in space.
Just have the Bus turn into a suB (see what I did there?). :D

Totally overkill but way more "believable" to always be traveling.
It feels like they are trying to cut costs buy having almost every episode spend half its run time on the "bus". How many different things can happen on a plane? Put snakes on it and let's be done with it...
@under rug swept: Well, that episode would absolutely require Director Fury to be present and I don't think that helps with the budget. ;D

Sure hope Coulson doesn't make a Firefly reference. Then there will be people who actually think Mal will show up, similar to how more than one person is assuming Coulson is literally a Doll over in the discussion post.

Turns out we, as a fandom, can't handle Easter Eggs, my friend.

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