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November 20 2013

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ratings rise for episode 8. Which is nice.

W00t! Obviously too soon to assume anything, but if the ratings hover around here, I think we'll be just fine.
Yay! I hope good word of mouth about "F.Z.Z.T." had something to do with it.
As well they should have! Good episode, although it's time to get down to business on the whole Tahiti business.
Yeah!!!!! Still need to watch The Well.

But this is good news!
IMO this isn't good news, as it suggests people will only come back for episodes heavily promoted as being connected to the Marvel movies.

The real test will be the next few episodes.
Of course it's good news. It's the first week the show didn't fall in the ratings.
But if viewers show up because of a movie cross-promotion, and they see a good episode (like this one), they'll stick around for more episodes.

I just wish the show didn't have to deal with being on opposite a ratings Death Star like NCIS, which gets three times its audience. I predict AoS will be moved to a different timeslot before the end of this season.
The fact that people are keen to see more of a connection to the Marvel films need not be a bad thing. It should just be taken as what the audience wants. The writers should just take it onboard and look at incorporating that into what they want to do.

I think it is probably a fair point too. I am definitely enjoying Agents of Shield, but the standalone format is not so appealing and I think the audience positively responding to an episode that connects to a Marvel film demonstrates that that is what many of the audience want too. Connecting the events of the 40-odd minutes of story to something else gives a grand scope to the story, whether that be a connection to a film or to a season/series long story arc.

Alternatively, it might just be that this episode's connection to the film brought in the super element of the Marvel-verse and that appealed to people. Many complain that AoS needs supers to improve (it has already had a few, but it is still regularly heard.) The setup of the show might well be how do the ordinary people cope in a world of superheroes, but that does not mean superheroes should be absent. The complete opposite should be true. We should be seeing their impact on the world in most episodes, so that contrast can be explored. I personally think they have done a little of this already, but stepping it up a gear wouldn't hurt, as these numbers (might) show.
I expected a bigger bump considering everything was down last week and this was the big "We're tying into the new movie!" episode.
Next week's rating will be the important one. I'd say this bump is disappointing after all the promotion this episode had. But still, if we can keep this next week, than I'll be happy.
Don't expect ratings during Thanksgiving week to be strong. Typically they are down across the board but it will give the picnic fans something to do. :)
When will we find out whether it went up or down in the second half-hour?
I am really just thankful there is still a Whedon presence on television. With luck and hope, we'll get season 2 and more shows down the road.
That info usually isn't available until later in the day, sab39. Although, IMHO it's myopic enough to look at individual episodes' ratings without delving into half and quarter hours. So much room for sampling error at that level. Trends and improvement over last year in the timeslot is enough.
No, we don't know whether this will stick, but I'm happy to hear this. It doesn't seem often that the ratings for a Whedon show rise. So, yay!
Further good news: Agents of SHIELD has been adjusted up to 2.4 in finals. It might be to casual sample from the tie-in with Thor (unlikely, IMHO) or because the good buzz from FZZT onwards started paying off. Either way, it's good for now.
I saw little promo for the THORness, to be honest, other than an interview on IGN and some tweets. So 2.4 is pretty good.
I always think that what we, dedicated fans and viewers, care about and dissect and analyze and deem paramount to any show's success or lack of very very often goes by completely unnoticed by the general public. There may have been lots of reports on TV-related websites of the Thor tie-in, but I don't think it was necessarily a make-or-break element for the average viewer.

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A friend asked me about the show today unprompted and said he heard it was good. He thinks Thor was in the episode.
I was about to say what Gossi just said. The only promo I saw for the Thor tie in was for people a. Already watching ABC with tv promos (and lets face it, typical ABC viewers aren't the people they should be targeting) and social media via Twitter & Facebook, again, targeted at people who are already watching. So unless I'm missing something, there WAS no big promotion push. Personally I think it would have been nice to have a trailer on during Thor or something in the credits - even a logo with date and time of the show. Anyone know why they wouldn't have done that?
I didn't realize there was going to be a Thor tie-in and I just happened to see Thor two days earlier. It was a great surprise and very enjoyable.
Nice uptick. Hopefully it sticks in the following weeks, but the schedule will probably kill any momentum it has possibly gained.

I believe Thor played a big part in the ratings. It doesn't matter if the episode was a tie-in or not or whether they advertised it as a tie-in or not. Just the fact that Thor has been the number 1 film across the world for the last 2/3 weeks is enough to raise latent awareness for AoS.
Good news! Cool!

I'm really not sure what the Thor connection did to the ratings. I'd heard about it, but only because I'm following the news on Whedonesque and ComicBookResources. But even if the connection would have drawn in more viewers, I was also afraid that some people might decide to skip it instead, fearing Thor II spoilers.

We'll find out in the following weeks, I suppose. As for now, we AoS-fans can only be happy!
The ratings may have been bumped up by that rip-roaring Jeopardy game that preceded it. :-)
Ha! Here it's Wheel of Fortune with Vanna and Pat who at this point simply MUST BE LMDs.

I did see the episode and it was good. But there's still some hokiness, like it's trying too hard? It needs to get comfortable in own skin with its own brand of humor.

I'm glad that the ratings went up. And number one is a wonderful director - despite some hokiness. The story flowed.

The last scene with Couison was great, even if the Tahiti is rather redundant right now.

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