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November 20 2013

Happy Birthday Ming-Na Wen! To another women who has broken the Hollywood mold. Strong, smart, sexy...

prepare the birthday cake and candles!
happy birthday!
Make sure the candles are the ones you can't blow out.
Happy b'day, Mulan!
Happy birthday!!
Happy Birthday!!
Happy birthday!
Half a century and still hot! I'm 52, maybe I should ask her out. Oops, she's married. Otherwise I'd've had a shot ; )
A most welcome addition to the Whedonverse. Here's to many more excellent Melinda May stories, and many happy returns to the lady that portrays her. (P.S. your cantonese was the best.)
Jings, she must be a time lord to look so great at 50 years young! Hope she had a great day!
It was neat to see the scene where she appears to hook up with Grant, and even though she's 19 years older than the actor, it never seemed out of place. Hot indeed!

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