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November 21 2013

The Slayer lives: a look inside a fan's custom-built 'Buffy' pinball machine. More details about the pinball machine can be found on the BuffyPinball website.

You might be interested to know that a Buffy pinball video game came out for the PC and Mac back in 2000.

pinball and buffy what more could i want?....oh that's right my own spike, to shake hands with joss and join the scoobies.
Most Whedonesquers are probably too young for pinball to have any emotional resonance for them. But if you lived through the Great Pinball Extinction Event in the late 70s and early 80s, when the asteroid strike of Pong and its infernal digital descendants wiped out in the space of just a few years an entire flourishing ecosystem of highly evolved and fantastically beautiful mechanical amusement devices, you might understand what this means to old-timers like me. I still hate all video games with the undimmed passion of my furious teenage self, who watched helplessly while they murdered the things I loved. So for me, a Buffy pinball machine is not just the greatest idea in entertainment history, it's the greatest idea since the endoskeleton or the development of opposable thumbs.

Ping!! Thwup. Poing! Ping....

Man, I miss playing an actual pinball machine. I used to play pinball on my computer for hours, but then one day it mysteriously stopped working, and I can't get it back. Pout.
Well said, lazymoon!

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