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March 09 2004

Joss on NPR's Talk of the Nation today. They're doing a segment on "cult TV". Besides Joss, Bruce Campbell and Roberta Pearson also appear.

- Roberta Pearson is a professor who has written several academic works on cult TV.
- Bruce Campbell is an actor who plays restrained, cultured characters. :-)
- It should be available on-line in RealAudio, at 6PM EST.

Wow - thanks for the heads up!
Thank you, thank you bookrats!
bookrats, bless you and all your ancestors and all your descendants and all whom you hold dear!
Thank you, but all credit goes to the all-encompassing eye of The Reverend Mom. She alerted me to it, and I passed the savings onto you.

Boy, I hope they don't wedge Joss in between Klingon language grammarians and the like.

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Love NPR, Listening to this one now.
Joss and Bruce? Is it even possible to have that much goodness in one segment?
If you've got RealPlayer installed, you can listen to the segment here.
Thanks fraying - listening now...
Joss talks about all kinds of good stuff, it is obvious that he is still upset about the cancelation of Angel and gets in a few snarky comments about that, and talks about the cancelation of Firefly, gets a chance to plug "Serenity", the musical episode, and even his X-men series, but does it well, and in typical Joss fashion. Not alot of new stuff, but very interesting and great to see more coverage in the National Media.
Plus, Bruce Campbell. Go Ash!
Also, we get to hear his son making cute baby noises in the background.
And the stuff afterwards is all about Strong Bad and the Quzno's Spongemonkeys
You know I'm a fan if I'm listening to NPR. Republican here!!! ;)
BTW- if anyone wants to fast foward to Joss' segment it's 10:20 in.
Thats kind of funny that the lady that was on with Joss basically called Tru Calling a Buffy rip off.
Joss is HILARIOUS. God I love that man. And Buffy rip off, indeed (referencing Tru Calling). Wow, he really ripped into Fox about Firefly, too. (Can you tell I'm writing this as I listen?)

Please oh please oh please let Angel get resurrected...!
Wonderful interview. I always enjoy listening to Joss talk and not just reading what he has to say. I loved how he put all the blame on Fox for what happened with Firefly. I wholly blame them and everything he said was true. They didn't do a thing to help promote the show and it was obvious to me they just didn't want it. I'm also glad he got a chance to plug the new movie - yippee - and he sounds really excited about having a chance to continue with Firefly. I was a bit baffled by the guy from Germany saying that Buffy and Angel were more of a cult thing in the states. I'm from the states but from what I understand, more of the population of European countries watched Buffy and watch Angel and it's more well known to the general public. Also, I'm always hearing of the stars doing a lot of conventions over in Europe. I also loved the little dig by that author about Tru Calling being a Buffy wannabe. Buffy started a whole trend of shows that have mystical things going on or a girl with some sort of powers. I love it because I enjoy those types of shows. That's why I'm so looking forward to Wonderfalls because everyone who has reviewed the pilot says it has Buffy like charm and I'm longing for something like that to watch. I really enjoy Joan of Arcadia but I hope it's true that Wonderfalls is better than JoA. I've always felt that JoA has a lot going for it and reminds me a bit of Buffy but the charm and writing just isn't quite there yet.
Awesome. Totally awesome. I love his comment to the Firefly DVD buyer...
Ah, Joss. What a great interview. Stickin' it to the Fox Man! It just makes me lurve him more, if that's even possible.

Maybe if we flood NPR's mailbox with virtual thank you's, they'll be inclined to pick this topic up again in the near future?
Someone should give Joss his talk show or column in a newspaper. That was a great interview, thanks for posting the link bookrats.
Great link! And yeah always a pleasure to hear Joss talk. His Q&A at the San Diego Con was so much fun. Great guy. And we clearly grew up on the same stuff.

And yeah great comment about Tru. Man I made a list once of shows that were clearly in Buffy's wake. It's long. Not all of them bad, but most clearly would not have been made had Buffy not cleared a path (Well, Xena too, as Joss often pointed out but I think Buffy did more, being more set in our world)

And a republican station talked like this? And stayed friendly and not condescending about cult tv? I am amazed;-)
NPR's "Talk of the Nation" interviews and discussions are usually great, no matter the subject. And NPR LOOOOOOOVES Joss.....that interview they did with him a few years back was proof of that. And the various positive stories they've done on "Buffy Studies." Love them.

And, uh, EdDantes? NPR = Republican "station?" Uh.....nope. :)
NPR is Very liberal. I belive Coll was saying that NPR is good, even if you are a republican and don't always agree with their views, and being a republican, I would agree!
You're correct Rootboy. That is what I meant.

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