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November 21 2013

Dark Horse responds to James Marsters graphic novel reveal. Scott Allie chimes in.

And it indeed seems to be the shoe story of repute.

Well he clarified the timeline confusion. It does sound better the way he puts it, a lot lighter, more harmless almost(!). It is set later on in S7. The love interest doesn't sound like a major thing. As much as I wouldn't go there, I wouldn't assume it will undermine Spuffy but be more about Spike's feelings of self worth in wanting to avoid being seen as a vampire and whether he attracts someone rather than that he fell in sudden love with a random girl. Time will tell on that one. But Joss has given it the OK although his name won't go on it and Scott says it is set after things have calmed down for Spike a bit and the story covers a little more than twenty four hours. I'm still not totally convinced but it isn't the same as slotting it in straight after he got his soul.
Best of luck to James--but if Joss's name isn't on it, I don't really have any interest in reading it.

I don't see the point of telling a story that has no impact on anything larger or gives an interesting new take on the larger story (a la the BSG movie that was from the Cylon perspective). It's also probably not a great idea to be marketing this as "Spike just wants something small for himself." Bringing an audience in by announcing, "the stakes are going to be super low" is almost never a good way to start.
I don't feel very strongly about the colorless and ineffectual love interests thrown Spike's way -- especially since Joss has no involvement with this story -- but the stipulation that she be modeled after James's wife is icky and embarrassing.

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So this answers some questions.

1)It's set in season 7 after Spike got his sanity back.

2)The story was run by Joss and he gave the okay but is not involved in it like the seasons 8-10 comics so he has no executive producer credit on it.

3)They did toy with setting it in the upcoming season 10 but decided against it because it didn't come from the season 10 writers summit and made more sense to be it's own thing.
You know, the small-scale, played down-ness of this interview makes me wanna pick it up. Especially the 24-hour thing. Sounds like a nice little story, regardless of canon. Somewhat curious they are using the same Spike logo as the other stuff, but whatever.
Scott Allie did a better job explaining the story. Not sure if I'll buy it, I usually won't get anything that doesn't have Joss' name on it. Like I've said in the previous post, many graphic novels and novels, such as ones by Christopher Golden, have been published with Joss' approval, but aren't canon. If it is canon, the only place I think it would make sense is between "Him" and "Get it Done".
I wouldn't consider this canon, but I do intend to read it.

You can tell from this interview that Scott knows he's gonna get hate for this from certain quarters, and is resigned to it. I hope he warned James...
Yeah, I actually like the idea of a small-scale story. All that matters is that the stakes for Spike, emotionally, feel big.

We'll see if I pick this up, though... I have a tendency to ignore non-season X Buffyverse comics.
I personally care whether it is a good story and faithful to Spike's journey. I will be delighted if he gets a moment of respect and authentic affection that was sorely lacking in Buffy and Angel (except for interactions with Fred), and would not be dismayed if that was framed as 'romance' in a 24-hour slice of time in his life. As to how such a story can fit into the Whedonverse canon, I can think of few storylines more 'fanfic-like' than the Buffy and TwiAngel spacefrak, yet that was handed down from the head office.
I still think it would work better if it was set sometime during AtS 5. It's not a particularly good fit for Season 7. I just can't quite get my head around it somehow and feel it might fly in the face of some of my favourite dialogue. Still, I'm pleased for James that he has got this opportunity to have another go at writing a comic and will support it for this reason.I'm also impressed with the artist so there you go, I'll buy.
I'm looking forward to it. I know this is a story James has wanted to tell for a long time.

Still don't get the comics being canon thing anyway, but that's another kettle of vamps.

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