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November 21 2013

(SPOILER) Synopsis for Agents of SHIELD's episode 1.10 "The Bridge". Courtesy of Marvel.

This is a big episode.
Season arc, a certain return.. couldn't be more excited.
9 and 10 are connected and, well, be excited.
Sounds exciting. I cant wait!
That's going to be the last episode before the holiday break, right? It sounds like a delightfully maddening place to leave us!
This should be news to those who think the show is too boring because we don't have a Big Bad to deal with. If this also means we get a big fat hint about what really happened to Coulson, so much the better.
JAR is coming back! I was just saying yesterday that the Asgardian Prof will surely return but Mike was so good and he too should be back. So yay!
This looks like a turning point for the series
Very good indeed, will the cliffhanger reveal the truth about Coulson or maybe show us who is behind Centipede? Either way I am very excited.
Looks like we'll be left hanging for a month, more or less, but it can only build anticipation and interest in the series if it goes on hiatus on a big reveal.
Glad to see Mike back - he was one of the more compelling characters!
I recently saw JAR in an episode of Arrow as a villain. He played a meticulous and extremely capable assassin, and he was terrific. Unfortunately, he was killed off at the end of the episode, but it would have been great to see that character return.

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