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November 21 2013

Buffy cast at their first ComicCon. What is Seth Green holding? Why are Nicholas Brendon and Charisma Carpenter holding hands? Is Joss Whedon 12 years old?

And what is David Boreanaz wearing?

Am I totally off in thinking that shirt looks vaguely, if not exactly, like what Spike was wearing to get away from the Initiative in Season 4? Of "I'm a friend herrrrre of Xanderrrrrr's" fame?

Even if, still not much of an excuse.
No, the better question is: What on EARTH are Nick and Tony doing!????

I love the second picture Charisma posted, that looks like it was taken in someone's trailer - Tony's got a huge grin on his face and one of his daughters is sitting next to him. That's sweet.
Yes, it is the same shirt. Good eyes. I thought I would be the first to point it out. There must be a story to it, right?
The HuffPo swiped more pics so I changed the link to that.
Made me look up a picture of Spike in the Hawaiian shirt to compare: They're similar but I don't think they're the same (for example, David's shirt includes some blue colours).

Still an awesome picture of David Boreanaz looking as un-Angel as possible.
That Boreanaz as Angel as Herb Saunders:-)

(Remember his alias in Season 1's Sense and Sensitivity?:-))
Stupid Huffington Post with its poisoned ads which take too many forevers to load.

There were some speculations about Tony and Nicky on other boards, ahem. As for Nicky and Charisma, two co-workers who probably thought of themselves as friends back then. Nothing odd about it, especially in Touchyfeelywood.

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