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November 22 2013

(SPOILER) Preview page for Serenity: Leaves on the Wind #1. Dark Horse tweeted the pic earlier today.

This is part of the opening pages, which Scott Allie et al read aloud to a comics event here in Portland last week. Great stuff on either side of this page. Also, I love what Jeanty is doing here with Inara dressed for crewing a ship, not Companioning.
I noticed that too...though depending on Inara's status, she might have to be borrowing clothes from Zoe or something (the Guild owns all of Inara's dresses?). Unless I am recalling wrong, other than the Mr. Universe's Moon fight, she never wore pants of any sort during the series or movie.
Awww...Wash"s dinosaurs are still on the control panel.. ^sob*
Inara makes reference to being on "Vacation", so there's a little plot tidbit for all of us. She is on the crew, and she isn't, evidently.
I'm Loving that River is piloting full time without any training.
I think "vacation" was just a sarcastic response to what Mal had just said.
I hope we get thrown a tidbit on Inara's pants and we aren't left to wank it.

Pants vs skirt is seemingly a ridiculous question except that Inara has been lived according to the companion code for a long time. So the pants seem to indicate that Inara's changed - either her companion life or her interpretation of that life. It's interesting.

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