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November 24 2013

Firefly DVD set for $5.99 on Amazon. I've never seen the price this low. Need to get stocking stuffers? Additional loaner copies?

Ooo, my dad's been wanting to get copies to send to my uncle, this will work out nicely
I've run out of people to give it to! Everyone I know has it!
They're price matching FoxConnect, which has Firefly, all of Angel, Buffy and Dollhouse for this price of $5.99.

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My lord! That's incredible!
Wow, FoxConnect even has $5.99 on the Dollhouse Blu-rays.
Big price drop on Leverage season 5 as well, for the Christian Kane fans.
Sam's Club has Firefly for $6.99. If you factor in not having to pay for shipping, it's a slightly better deal.... in America.

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