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November 24 2013

(SPOILER) Enver Gjokaj appears in tonight's episode of The Walking Dead. Zap2it has a pic of him.

Joins...and leaves. Dammit!
LOL! It makes it feel so much more personal when someone we love ends up that way!

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I kept saying to myself "Please be a regular. Please be a regular." Didn't work. Although his closing shot kind of opens the door for some future involvement.

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He's also in Witches of East End.

Busy Sunday night.
I always expected he was a one-off, and honestly, I think he was treated with great adoration by the show -- given the honor of representing the Governor's completion of a heel/face/heel turn, and then also being walkered up for what surely has to be one of the more complicated shots they have ever taken on the show. I was only disappointed that he wasn't a guest on Talking Dead after, but I guess Jose Pablo Cantillo deserved that send-off more.
He did a great job but am I tired, for Enver, of him always being the groomsman, never the groom. Is he too talented, too good looking, too too...
Hate to say it, Tonya J, but I wonder if he's too...ethnic for some. I'm a hetero male (stating it to ensure the following comment gets correct context), and I can say he's unconventionally handsome (which can work for current-gen leading men), but his features and name may be underlying reasons why he's not getting tapped for big things, from being seen as "too Eastern European."

I mean, he's working in the same culture that actively once strove to manufacture stars by changing their names and doing things to downplay non-WASP identity cues and sex things up. Though my hopes for Chiwetel Ejiofor winning a Best Actor Oscar for 12 Years a Slave means actors and actresses who chose to keep and honour their non-Western European cultural heritages will more big roles.
And ironically Chiwetel has a huge career compared to Enver; of course, he has always had the London theatre scene to fall back on rather than film and is hugely celebrated as a theatre actor. I'll keep hoping that the right project will come along to showcase all of Enver's abilities; I keep envisioning something like Castle that is not entirely straight drama, with some light comedy thrown in, uses his impersonation skills, dramatic ability, and incredible physicality. We haven't had a costume/dialect expert/magician-type-skill TV show since Wild, Wild, West have we? That's Enver (The Ross Martin of the 21st century).

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