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November 25 2013

"Playing Vampire Towns": An analysis of "Sleeper." Chris Stangl of the blog The Exploding Kinetoscope continues his in-depth writing on season seven (begun with "Conversations with Dead People" here).

Whoa! This guy is savvy! His analysis of CWDP is truly brilliant and insightful, and this is very, very good!
So great to read something interesting & in-depth about season 7, rather than just "Season 7 suxs!"
This essay was excellent, I really enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to reading more of his analysis.
As am I. He also did a cool write-up of the original Buffy movie.
Definitely solid criticisms. Of course, since nit-picking is my favorite sport, I can't help but be bugged by his comments about the (admittedly not done super-well) real-time aspects of "CWDP;" his talk about unbeleiveable pauses ignores that these incidents ar e meant to be essentially simultaneous :-).

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