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November 25 2013

A round-up of reviews for last week's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode. The Escapist said 'The Well' "offered a killer premise - The X-Files with Mission Impossible's hardware - and delivered the hell out of it". gave the episode 8.4 out 10, TheHDRoom 8.5 and IGN 8.0. Digital Spy gave it 3 stars out of 5, GeekSmash 4 1/2 and SFX 3 1/2. The Paste reviewer said the episode didn't work for them whilst The Independent blogger said "it gives the series a sense of urgency it's been missing".

Well, overall that sound pretty great again! Cool stuff, thanks for getting these review summaries together!

It makes me happy to hear major sources being positive about the series, instead of going on the complainy 'what the show should fix' mopiness track.
I was a bit shocked that the A. V. Club, after handing mostly Bs out to the previous episodes, gave this one a D-.

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I've been enjoying MovieBob's reviews (dissections?) of each episode over at The Escapist (because they often have extremely obscure Marvel trivia. and because I see everything differently than he).

* Curious where is THE place to discuss the show. like, to get the max speculation and dissection. If there is a must-visit site for big fans, can someone point me to it?

(i'm eager to see if anyone shares my theory about Ward's older brother, for example. Which is tied to Ward's urge to Punish something in the FZZT episode).

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Try SHIELDTV or SHIELDsite Warren.
WarrenEBB, as has already been suggested, is a good place for actual fans (rather than people who just want to complain to be part of the club, which seem to be the case for most forums "discussing" the show) though the community there is still growing and it could certainly benefit from more good participants. Also.. Clark Gregg visits the chat room there on occasion.
Ouch to that AV Club review. The reviewer really did not like this episode, although it does sound as if he was frustrated with the show as a whole, rather than just this episode. Fair enough, but his expectations seem to be for something that this show is not. Maybe I say this as someone who has no knowledge of the Marvel comics, but I have no interest in them drawing on the books and I am happy that they are creating their own thing.

Personally, I did find the A plot just okay, but the rest was much needed. I hope they can continue in the direction that this episode sets out (or the last 3, really.)

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super cool, thanks Eddy and Beth. :)

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