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November 26 2013

Yahoo! explores 12 shocking tv deaths. Yahoo! looks at 12 of TV's most shocking deaths, in response to Family Guy's big plot twist of killing off one of its most beloved characters.

In response to Seth McFarlane & Co. killing off Brian Griffin in a recent episode, Yahoo! has come up with a list of 11 other shocking death-related plot twists from recent TV.

Common nods are here in force, including Joyce Summers' death in The Body (along with Whedonverse alum Julie Benz's death on Dexter), though the notation about Joss' mother Lee Stearns dying from the same kind of affliction as Joyce is a new angle I'm not sure has been raised before. Adds a new dimension to the episode if true, in my opinion.

I never knew that about Joyce mirroring Joss's mom. Has he ever said something about that in an interview?

That episode was always so powerful and now it will be much more so.
I have never seen any reference to it before, Mirage, hence my comment in the link's extended description...and I know I hope that Yahoo! wouldn't be pulling something out of their collective butts just to fill caption space.

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