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November 27 2013

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ratings rise. Last night's episode got 2.5/7 in the 18-49 demographic and added an extra 2.45 million viewers from last week.

I was about to be really happy until I saw that it was up against Rudolph instead of NCIS last night. Now I'm just moderately happy. Still, any gain is nothing to sniff at!
Maybe we'll see it shifted to a different day when it comes back in the Spring.
I think it's hilarious that Rudolph gets the same 18-49 rating that NCIS usually gets. Also that they're now showing Christmas specials before Thanksgiving.
I think if it's renewed, it will move timeslot. Those are actually good ratings by the way - I had heard predictions it would fall because of thanksgiving (usually a ratings bloodbath for shows).
I'm surprised the rating wasn't down.
Very nice that the numbers are up, but it still lost out to Rudolph? That musty old warhorse has aired annually for the last 49 years. Literally. It debuted in 1964.
I'm just glad it doesn't have to go up against Charlie Brown's Christmas.
Up two weeks in a row? That's very good for SHIELD.
Too bad the show is going on break. Those always kill momentum.
Well this is nice to hear. And that's a lot of extra total viewers too. Even though it was up against Rudolf instead of NCIS, isn't it a good thing if it means some of NCIS's regular viewers got to try out SHIELD for a week? I just like imagining new viewers.
Nice to hear - had steeled myself for a ratings downturn due to holiday week viewership many had warned about - and the sure to follow Great Wringing of Hands

Missed Rudolph tho' - ain't the holidays without snowman Burl Ives
It's why I'm glad I have the Rudolph DVD, with the scenes that were originally cut from the first showing in 1964 and the ending they added in 1965. Better to schedule the holiday special when I choose.
Too bad we can't have a SHIELD Christmas. Maybe next year.
The only problem with the Rudolph DVD is that it cuts out the "Fame and Fortune" number, which I miss because I remember it from childhood watchings of the special. (It was put in to replace the longer version of "We're a Couple of Misfits" -- they had to replace it with something shorter when they added in the scene at the end where Santa collects the Misfit toys and delivers them.)

As for A S.H.I.E.L.D. Christmas, I can imagine a scenario where Ward has to play a mall Santa and Fitz and Simmons have to play his elves. I know Coulson would make a better Santa, but Ward would be funnier.
"I'm surprised the rating wasn't down."
Considering all the 'Merkins in travel mode, I figured it'd be toast. So yay to us basement dwellers for holding the line and enticing friends to dork out with us.

"That musty old warhorse has aired annually for the last 49 years. Literally. It debuted in 1964."

Don't be dissin' the Rude! :^)
I didn't even know Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer was on TV last night, honestly...but I have to agree with AndrewCrossett in it's kinda ridonkulous that even one of the seminal Christmas specials like Rudolph gets aired BEFORE Thanksgiving has even occurred. And I'm Canadian, meaning we had our Turkey Day a month ago, so the argument holds slightly less weight in my part of the continent!


Still, upshoots in SHIELD ratings are a good thing! Just hope people choose to stick around after a two (frakking) week hiatus because big gaps can throw feeling momentum off :S
Good news again! Do the dance of joy!
Raised to a 2.6 in Finals!
2.6 in 18-49 demo, and 9.7 million viewers. Wonderful. Apart from the positive upshot in viewers, it's very good that new eyeballs got to sample the show in NCIS' absence. Hopefully some of them will stick and attract further buzz to the show. Now ABC needs to promote the hell out of the midseason finale to solidify the audience.

And after that, we're in for a huge wait: according to TheFutonCritic listings, the first week available for a new episode is January 7th. Plus, two repeats on Saturdays.
Yes. I like this. Positive! It appears my sentence-making ability has been compromised. Is NCIS back next week?
Back to back 0.2 gains is great news for the show. I'm not sure how expensive it is to make, but the numbers aren't looking so shabby. Hopefully it will manage to hold at least at the 2.5 mark from here. For ABC those are good numbers.
I don't know how to deal with a Joss show getting good ratings. The last time I remember this happening ended in a rainy alley with lots and lots of tears.

edit: And a dragon.

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