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November 27 2013

Joss visits the Into the Woods film set. Joss gets a first-hand a look at the the upcoming stage-to-film musical.

Also the name of a Buffy episode...coincidence?
I love it when some of my favourite things collide! I only hope I'll be able to watch Into the Woods next year without wondering what it would have been like if Joss had directed it.

If he's met Anna Kendrick, wouldn't she be great in Dr Horrible 2?
Probably not. I've always assumed that Joss, being such a huge fan of musicals, deliberately made reference to Into the Woods with that episode title.
I don't know, wouldn't the episode have been named by Marti Noxon?

One influence I have wondered about, though, is how 'What You Feel' reminds me of a less sinister version of the song 'Hello Little Girl'.
How did Joss Whedon get invited to the movie set? Is it because he is now a more famous director thanks to Avengers?
Also the name of a Buffy episode...coincidence?

Not at all. The phrase "into the woods" recurs repeatedly throughout the Whedonverse and is clearly a nod to Sondheim, one of Whedon's heroes.
We know Joss has SOME kinda relationship woth Sondheim, too--he's said that Sondheim has seen Dr. Horrible. Maybe that's how he wound up on set.

Or, this being Hollywood, he just happens to know one of the many many people working on the film.
sumogrip, where did you read that Sondheim's seen Dr. Horrible? That's amazing.

If I'm not mistaken, both Into the Woods and Avengers: Age of Ultron are filming at Shepperton Studios. That's bound to be a handy excuse for Joss to visit the set.
Umm, without looking it up, did this musical even exist in 2000?
It opened on Broadway in 1987.
There's something else Joss has written that has a few structural similarities to Into the Woods, although I'll put it in spoiler text because I'm talking about major spoilers for Into the Woods, far into the second act:

And from googling just now, I found this discussion panel from 2005, apparently. I never knew Joss once shared a panel with Sondheim! Joss Whedon discusses Stephen Sondheim
Thanks for the link, Bluelark, I'd never heard that before either!

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