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November 27 2013

Ranking the TV episodes that have paved the way for Glee's 'Puppet Master'. No prizes for guessing which Angel episode is ranked #1 in this EW article.

A well deserved spot. Smile Time is still one of my favorite episodes of any TV show- Spike and Puppet Angel's interactions are great.

And I don't know if there are many other Community fans around here, but... The puppet episode last season was specifically *not* the episode that gave me hope.
Always glad to see EW remember Angel in lists like this.
I still can't watch that Spike and AngelPuppet fight without giggling.
Favourite Angel quote:

I do NOT have puppet cancer!

Could it be ... the Angel Puppet in the trunk of my car? :=) Still love him.
It remember some fans making a Spike puppet too. I actually have to remind myself it's not cannon sometimes, sadly.

Watching that clip gives me a craving for an Angel marathon! It's been over a year- I'm due for a dose *eyes DVDs*.
Not surprising that angel is the only one of the listed shows I've ever really watched. And it got the most comment references on EW's website!

Actually, the licensed toy company eventually did sell a Spike puppett. But, alas for me, no Tara and Harmony :-).
There was a Spike puppet in the comics, too. :)

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