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November 27 2013

The Avengers: Age of Ultron script is finished according to Mark Ruffalo! He tweeted the news the other day.

Like Ruffalo I hope for quite a bit of Bruce Banner screen time and also lots for Hawkeye and Black Widow.
Rest assured, banner, that Joss has already spoken his decision to include Hawkeye and Black Widow in a big way.

But man. To think that the final script for Avengers 2 is officially in existence and being read right this moment. Suddenly, 2015 seems so distant. :p
@Shining once again Joss understands want I need in an Avengers movie!

Just think this time next year we will have a trailer for it and well time goes pretty quickly these days.
As opposed to the good old days when time ran slower? =p
I want more Thor. I think Joss is the only one who can get the most out of that character. None of his movies made justice to the great work being done by Chris Hemsworth and the character itself.
I am actually interested to see what Joss will give Hawkeye. Jeremy can make magic with Joss's one-liners - we just didn't get to see him work it in Avengers.

I know I will miss Loki/Tom but this will give Joss the chance to delve deeper into the characters of Bruce, Barton and Natasha - plus new characters. Recently saw Elizabeth Olsen on the Daily Show, I liked her and Jon all but gushed over her so I'm interested to see how she's going to play out.

2015 - that's just a hop, skip away.... *dons Positive Cap* Besides, we have Capt and then Guardians not to mention AoS every week (except it's going on break after next week). And if all fails, fandom born stories!

But still a part of me wants to get invited to Mark's house so I can sneak a peek at that script.
Ruffalo received a script, not likely that the script is final. ;)
I misread the link first time and didn't see the word "script" - I thought, "Boy, that was fast!"
Considering that Joss does rewrites in the middle of filming, of course it isn't final.
Suddenly I thought Matt Smith could have made a great Quicksilver. Oh, well.
Matt is being eyed for roles in the new Star Wars, apparently. Fandom heads may explode if that ends ups happening.
Slight side bar A2 thunk:

I really thought Avengers 2 would be lacking for me without Hiddleston's Loki.

(I own two Lego Lokis, in case one gets destroyed)

So I thought it best to watch The Blacklist pilot and prepare for Dark Dani..I mean James Spader. The show itself is a bit of a stretch BUT Spader rocks each and every line in that one ep.

Now I'm thinking Joss's villainous vibe + Spader's spot on delivery may just do me in.

Oh how I adore Joss's dark side, especially when competently portrayed.

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You can a taste of Spader's expert line delivery in the most recent episode of The Blacklist where he got an Emmy-baiting, Roy Batty 'Time to die'-type monologue which wasn't even written that well, but he delivers it like it's Shakespeare. Can't wait to see him in Avengers 2. Hope Joss writes him acres of dialogue.

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