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November 28 2013

The top 5 underrated sci-fi movie masterpieces. Guess what is in there...though I have to say that it is not so under-rated nowadays.

Silent running is underrated? Didn't know that. The Fountain is great, Dark City is too (despite Keifer Sutherlands annoying way of talking in it) Primer at number one is a good call though.
I don't think they know what underrated means. Dark City? Underrated? It was Eberts top movie of 98.
cdm22, Grack21

Well those are the two I hadn't heard of so the article works for me.
You've never heard of Dark City? That seems...odd.
For what it's worth: I really disliked Dark City. Something about bothered me. Just ...bothered me.

edit: Ah, finally got it to play. Had to switch to Chrome for some reason as Firefox gave me just nothingness. The Fountain I really liked when I saw it. Gattaca is a movie we watched in our literature class about utopias/dystopias. Liked the first half more than the second, I think. There was something about it that bothered me as well.

Will have to check out Primer and maybe Silent Running at some point. I was a bit disappointed with the reasons for why Serenity was included. Anyone not familiar with it seeing this must think: "Okay so your readers loved it back when it came out and you say you like it because of epic space battles? Eh..." - Terribly misleading as there is no epic space battle in Serenity and it's all about the people.

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i loved silent running as a kid, it kinda reminded me of the orginal battlestar and logan's run.
well of course no doubt serenity is one of the best!
Cool list, saw Silent Running and naturally Serenity. But I need to catch up on the rest of them. Oh, I hope they are on Netflix or Amazon.
I adore Gattaca.
I wasn't impressed with Silent Running. Even as a pompous teenager who refused to like anything, I knew that, if deforestation and pollution ever got that bad, we'd all be dead long before we could put manned space stations beyond Saturn. 40 years later, I have even more problems.
I think Sutherland's performance in Dark City is misunderstood. He says at one point he has a heart problem, we learn the Strangers tortured him to near death to get him to do their bidding (when he's implanted himself into John's memories, you'll notice his speech pattern is normal because he's physically healthy there) and Sutherland is also doing a subtle nod to Peter Lorre in his delivery, most likely another reference to Fritz Lang's "M". To anyone who hasn't seen Dark City (or even if you have, actually), I highly recommend the Director's Cut.
Finally, a decent list that isn't seen here week after week, though I also think that maybe only Serenity is underrated by the general public. The reactions to it are almost as interesting as the list itself. I only quibble with Primer, which for me was like watching paint dry, no pun intended. The others are fine choices.

I call Serenity the masterpiece no one saw; there is so much good about it, it pains me to this day when I ask someone if they have seen it (even if they don't know I'm a cinephile and trying to plant the seeds of Whedon wherever I go, if I have an opportunity) and they say, "No, what's that?"

You could make quite a few lists like this one, but I think underrated is just a matter of perception, and one of mine would be:

Code 42
Are any of these widely seen or known? Underrated is one thing, popular appeal is another.
@Tonya J: Oh wow, I have only seen one of those on your personal list (Moon). :D I don't think I've ever heard of any of the others.
Cronos is pretty good. But it is also very strange. It is one Guillermo del Toro's earlier works.

Here is one movie that is underrated, but truthfully, could have been a lot better: Pandorum. The movie is basically about insanity on so many levels. And they're in a space-ship.
Dark City is widely seen and known. It was one of(if not the only) movies Roger Ebert did a commentary for.

Edit: It won a Hugo award too. It's a cult classic. IT may not have made a billion at the box office, but neither did Blade Runner.

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What can I say? I am drawn to the odd, offbeat, indie, different as well as the larger-type genre films. Cronos is notable as well for using Ron Perlman as a native Spaniard thug-type when he is anything but; he was totally believable. D-e-f, if you end up watching any of the others and you don't like them, please don't hunt me down! :=)
@Tonya J: I'm more the type to write endless rants about it than hunt someone down. The latter requires me to move. :D
Cronos is a unique, bittersweet Horror film (it is NOT science fiction). The Criterion Collection edition is fantastic.

I'm also a fan of Pandorum. It's not original or special but it has some rare tension, atmosphere and mystery to it. The production design is also nothing short of amazing.
I'm not going to argue. There are many subgenres of film and Del Toro's work, in particular, often uses a mixture of genres. The mysterious device in the film makes me read it as science fiction more than horror and there are those who would agree with me (

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People so often confuse underrated with underappreciated.
I don't care if you call Cronos horror or Sci-Fi, I only know I rented it after seeing the trailer with the Cronos device that made it seem intriguing, and found it so terrifying that I could only watch it in little bits at a time, and never completely watched the entire thing.

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