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November 30 2013

Chloe Bennet's AMA on Reddit. This was originally scheduled for last week.

I liked this. It felt very natural and she's a Redditor so she 'gets' the site and used the site's vernacular.
Seems a lot more fun and fandomish than the usual AMAs.
"Iain did improv at the "HUB" episode when he was trying to get through the glass doors. funniest shit ever."

Hilarious. I love him! Fitz is becoming my favorite character on the show. Chloe seems really chill and she can sing?!
That was a pretty great read.
Oh wow. That was very good.
A wave of positive posts on reddit. That's nice for her :)
That was flat out excellent. I was expecting at least one or two naysayers and there weren't any.

Given all the pranking it sounds like a happy set which is a good sign. I was also surprised at the improv as this has not been a frequent occurrence in the past.
@JDL: I think it's no surprise that physical comedy-improv is okay. The "no improv" stories we heard about Joss shows all related to dialog before. And Joss isn't showrunning this one anyway so I think it makes sense?
@JDL - Sorry to say, but there were a handful of nasty naysayers running about. Most of them spewing the worst kind of bile that is often asscociated with Reddit. Thankfully though they were very much in the minority and quickly were "downvoted" and fell off the main comments page. Chloe Bennet, being a regular Reddit user, knew to just ignore them and didn't seem to let it phase her! I know several people thought that it would just be a place for tons of haters to come out of the woodwork, and while there were a few, it was no more than any topic disscussed on Reddit. And certainly no more than certain other AMAs have had in the past. If anything her AMA proved just how many of us actually love her, her character and her show.

Skye has been becoming more and more important to me with each passing episode (I liked her from the beginning but she wasn't my favorite right off) and this AMA has now made Chloe Bennet someone I will be keeping an eye on for a long while to come :)
I was really impressed by Ms. Bennet's replies to the questions she was asked. She seems sincere, down to earth, cool, and often very funny. I admire her healthy sense of herself and I'm very glad for her success.

I may not always like what her character does or says in any given episode, but that, of course, is not up to the actress. Plus, it may eventually turn out that there are good reasons for everything that doesn't make total sense at the moment.
D-e-f- thanks for bringing up the physical vs. dialogue improv, I had thought about that but wasn't sure whether it had ever been previously addressed.

Quinn Merrick. None of the naysayers made it to the point of asking a question. Unless it was being screened that sort of surprised me, although on second thought maybe it shouldn't have.

About Skye. It seems to me that the character has been changing a lot. I'm not sure what she will end up like but I will certainly be hoping for the best. That said I have liked the Skye of the last couple of episodes a great deal more than the early ones.
@JDL: on the topic of physical improv again: Sean Maher came up with the cupcake thing in Much Ado about Nothing. Joss loved it so much he pointed out that it was Sean's idea in both commentaries even. :) (granted, it's a tiny thing)
Dogberry and Verges locking themselves out of their car was improvised. Much to Joss's annoyance at the time since it was distracting the other actors in the scene. But it was brilliant so it made it into the film. I think there's more of a happy medium in terms of control enthusiasm nowadays.

I like Skye more as it becomes clear that empathizing and working with the people they're trying to help is one of her strengths. The rest of the team has some trouble seeing other perspectives sometimes. Although Coulson is pretty decent at it usually. Wasn't sure what was going on with him in the most recent episode in that regard.
Maybe it's a bleed-through of his growing issues with how he survived being shanked by Loki...Coulson should have terrible PTSD from his violent "near" death and yet he's considered basically clear for full duty within 12-15 months of his trauma occurring. Having him start echoing someone like May as his attempts to cope as he's done previously fail, Skye being a voice of conscience and empathy - Coulson's "angel" side - may get played up more.

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