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March 09 2004

FOX Home Entertainment Announces Buffy, Season 7 DVDs (R2) for April Full press release for the upcoming S7 DVD set (highlight with mouse to view).

"It's the end of an era, the end of a legend, the end of television's finest butt-kicking female... But not on DVD! From 5th April 2004 Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment will be making it possible to eternalise Buffy in your own home as the Season 7 DVD box-set hits the shelves!"

See the easter egg? The clip montage from the original showing of "The Gift". It may be two seasons late, but thats still pretty cool none the less.
Agreed. I just hope it comes on the R1 version! Otherwise, I'm going to have to blow god knows how much money buying the UK version just for that alone!

These UK reviews always crack me up. They never seem to fail to get some point ass-backwards. It was ANDREW they took in, not JONATHAN!

And can The First even be considered "a demon", mega or otherwise? Hmm, a ponderous question.
The Gift montage isn't two seasons late for R2 viewers as we got it on our season 5 release
Thomas I edited your post a bit to remove the full press release. Please don't cut and paste full articles - we don't want to get into copyright trouble. Can understand why you did posted it, bit odd that the press release is in invisible text.

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