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December 02 2013

TVGuide ranks top TV and movie robots. Just as the title says, although they use the term "robot" loosely - androids and robots are both listed. A couple 'verse bots turn up.

Sadly they didn't list Lenore, Mr. Universe's love bot.

I've always thought of androids as a type of robot.

Is Lenore the only robot in the Firefly 'verse? Funny that Buffy has so many - April, the Buffybot, Ted, Moloch... the devil's robot...
Wait, the devil made a robot?
That's an interesting question, Rachelkachel...Lenore is a "love bot/LoveBot", so there's a term in the Firefly universe for gynoids (androids with realistic human genitalia) but it's not clear whether or not Lenore is a one-off that Mr. Universe made himself - putting him on part with Warren Meers in some ways, but we're supposed to think him less homicidal or creepy - or it's a mucho dinero piece of luxury tech.

Then again, we see no sign of AIs or advanced computers with near-sentience in the series, so the tech could be very rare or banned like in nuBSG.
I just love that this list includes Geoff from Craig Ferguson's show.
But where's the Paranoid Android? Marvin belongs on that list, surely?
They put R2D2 and C3PO together, but in the MST3K slot they only mention Crow. Where's the love for Tom Servo?
Wait, the devil made a robot?

Stargyn | December 02, 21:13 CET

Maybe rachelkachel meant Robot Satan from Futurama?

And I love Geoff Peterson's inclusion too, D-e-f! Craig and Geoff even referenced the list on Monday's show :D
I hear Geoff is gonna replace RDJ in Avengers 2. He's the next big thing. I can't wait to get my poster signed! :D
No, I meant the devil's robot. From Angel. (Mentioned in "The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco".)
Yes! Count me in on loving Geoff Peterson's inclusion!! WOOOHOOO

Also I miss Sarah Connor Chronicles *sigh*
I adore anything about robots, androids, Cylons etc. So hilarious that they included Mac and CHEESE from Friends!

I loved Lenore. Too bad we didn't see more about her & Mr Universe. Some of my favorite parts of the movie.

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