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December 03 2013

The Blacklist renewed for season 2! It stars "Avengers: Age of Ultron" star James Spader and "Dollhouse"s Harry Lennix.

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The writing is great for a broadcast series which is why the ratings are high.
Haven't watch this at all, I think I'll need to check it out.
It's in my top three shows this season. Really well put together show.

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It's relatively enjoyable from the start thanks to James Spader, and over the last few episodes it has really turned into a show that I look forward to.
I've watched the first 3 episodes and I have to say this show has given me nothing to care about. I don't think it has anything to say, and while I'm fine with entertainment for entertainment's sake, this entertainment is particularly sadistic and bloodthirsty. Very 1 and 2 dimensional TV-by-numbers. It's being carried solely by Spader's charisma (and I luvs me some James Spader) but that's just not enough for me.
@malformed, the writing gets much stronger after 4 episodes.
Let's not forget Age of Ultron's James Spader, who makes this show worthwhile. I actually enjoy how gleefully untortured it is about being violent or criminal. There's been a lot of TV about characters who struggle with being bad. Red clearly only cares when the consequences affect him and his interests.
I wish good or bad writing was really that important towards high or low ratings. Things would be easier. (I havent seen Black List yet, its not a comentary about its writing)
I found the Blacklist entertaining but I barely have a character that I'm invested in. Ressler comes close but mostly because I keep thinking Reed Diamond could rock that role.

Spader is great as always. Can't wait to see him spout Joss's evil words! *shudders in expectation*
Have to say, I'm not a fan of this show, I did watch a couple of episodes but I just don't enjoy shows that glorify criminals and evil people.
For a broadcast network show, this is very good (in my opinion), and I'm glad to see it renewed. Spader's obviously the main draw, but it also does a very fine job of not having the standalone plots feel like the unimportant and dull scenes you have to put up with to get a couple of character moments and arc scenes sprinkled in. That's very tough to do (and one of the main reasons why I usually prefer cable dramas, who don't tend to do standalone plots much at all), so big kudos to the show for that.

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I'm *obsessed* with this show however clunky it is at times.
Great news for me as I love the show! That two parter was tense as hell! Megan Boone does the kick-assery very very well and as I said in another comment section about new fall shows on here before, I like how they play around with their relationship while not treating the audience like we're stupid and fully acknowledging that the obvious is obvious TO US.

@Caroline web-high-five! *slapsscreen*

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@D-e-f- :-)

Spader's got the clout to be heavily involved in the writing. He's insisted that they use him sparingly, or people might get sick of him ("I'm like chocolate"), and he says he wants it to be about the relationships more than the plot because he thinks that's what people tune in for.
I'm of two minds about this show, and all of the previous posts explain my thinking on both sides lol! James Spader is excellent. Megan Boone has grown on me, I think she's improving, was much too flat & Mary Sue in the beginning. I think Harry Lennix is underused. Last nights episode really ratcheted things up though! But since I don't know how to spoiler tag on here, I'll leave it at that. :)
I've been having a discussion all morning about it with some people on my Criminal Minds board, and I really love it - wooden, bewigged Lizzie notwithstanding. Spader's Red is arguably the most compelling character on the tv landscape at the moment. He's deliciously complex. From the clips I've seen interviewing him about the show, don't expect many secrets to be figured out anytime soon.

My son and I have a standing date to watch it every Monday, and some of the eps are far better than others, but the show as a whole is well worth your time.
This is my favourite new drama this season.
It's great! I'm loving it.

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