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October 07 2002

Angel Premiere Ratings. The overnight ratings for the new season of Angel scored the lowest of all Joss' premieres with a 3.7/5, coming last in it's timeslot.

I blame "Charmed" which is the worst excuse for this genre of storytelling. Last week Phoebe became a mermaid. Next week all three girls pose as superheroes. Then there was the one recently where the witches each started living the roles of fairy tale characters, assumedly because of some evil-witch-of-the-week persona.

Charmed is terrible! I blame Charmed for Angel's low ratings cuz it precedes Angel, turns audiences away from the network, and thus Angel loses potential new audiences because of Charmed.

The running plots of Charmed are juvenile and simplistic. One of the girls is married to a pseudo angel and the other one is married to a pseudo demon. This is so unoriginal and bland, it's just painfully boring to watch. And the third girl is just sorta there cuz they fired Shannon Doherty and had to keep up the 'power of three' crap. It's like if Buffy & Angel were written by the guys who did "The Adventures of Lois & Clark." Very trite, flat, riskless storytelling. I ONLY watch Charmed cuz I can't find anything else on that hour, and I tolerate Charmed as I wait for Angel.

Now, if next year Whedon's people do a spinoff of Buffy that focuses on Willow & two cute unknown lesbian cuddle bunnies, if it's one tenth as good as Buffy it'll be better than Charmed.

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I've seen Charmed a few times. In Holland it is on after Buffy and before Angel (on the same channel). It made me want to poke my eyes out. It's... The Bold and the Beautiful with Demons. It's just offensive. But it did make me appreciate Buffy even more.

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