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December 04 2013

Syfy picks up "Dominion" to series. The series (as previously posted here) stars Anthony Head.

I still miss Kings. Adore Chris Egan.
"Gentleman" Doug Jones appeared in "Legion," which was the film "Dominion" is based on. he human, or angel? He's probably evil, whichever he is.

Guess I'm going to have to start watching shows on the computer now; only way I can see stuff that's on cable/dish.
Excellent -I'm definitely looking forward to seeing this one.
Well, the movie this is based on was entirely blah, in my opinion, despite some good/mediocre casting decisions. The show also appears to have lined up some talented actors, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the writing will have been improved, because that was the main issue I had with the original. This could certainly be a really fun show if written and handled well.
Legion --- only saw it for Paul Bettany. *sigh* Joss needs to cast him in something!
Mirage, well, Paul Bettany is the voice of Jarvis in "The Avengers," so Joss Whedon has cast him in something (albeit it's an inherited casting) ... :)
Shepenew, doesn't count unless I see him ;p

Besides, with Tony, Jarvis wasn't much of a casting choice as a given. As much as I like Spader, I would've loved an evil Jarvis for Bettany to shine with malicious dialogue.

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