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December 05 2013

Which season of Buffy had the coolest Big Bad(s)? Fun poll over at SpoilerTV.

silly question...........all of them hah hah!
I'd say S2 Angel/Angelus remains the most brilliant Big Bad because it threw a character into new levels of complexity and remains an unresolved lurking threat to this day in the comics, unless I missed something with the Twilight thing.

Well Angel/Angelus remained a threat at least through two television series.
hann23 - I agree Angle/Angelus was the "coolest", truely threatening and vicious, and... black leather pants (the ultimate cool)!
I figured S2 would take the cake, but The Mayor is definitely my favorite villain of the series. When Faith paired with him, they made an awesome duo with a weird father-daughter relationship. The Big Bads that followed him felt underwhelming to me because he was so well-drawn.

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No one is more evil than Angelus. Some of the best arcs in both shows involved the alter ego we love to hate.
Definitely a tough fight between Angel and the Mayor, though I still think the big bad in S6 was really "Real Life," and that's a good one, too.
I'm torn between season 2 with Spike and Drusilla and season 5 with Ben and Glory. Wait, Ben is Glory?
Season two the choice included Spike and Drusilla along with Angelus, and the question is coolest Big Bads, so Season two, no question.
Season 2 obvs but LOVE Glory though....

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