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December 05 2013

(SPOILER) Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is bringing in two new agents. TVLine has the news.

The original article is on the TVLine site in the Matt's Inside Line column about 3/4 of the way down.
I changed the link to TVLine since sticking to what's known is clearer in this case.

Interesting! I'd be happy if J. August Richards' part is a regular character now.
I'm with Sunfire--hope his info is a little off and we're talking about J. August.
Looks like episode 14 will delve again into S.H.I.E.D. as an organization territory. Hope Victoria Hand is back as well.
I doubt the info there is about J. August Richards. I mean...he's already back in the next episode (#10), so a "scoop" about introducing a recurring character in episode 14 wouldn't be much of a scoop.
The article says they're introducing two new characters, so it can't be Mike Peterson or Akela Amador they're talking about.

It's good that they're bringing in new blood, as long as it's not at the expense of much-needed development of their existing characters.
@AndrewCrossett: Well, new characters are an easy way to bring out new things in familiar characters, aren't they? I see no reason to worry.
"Recurring" is definitely the most interesting part.
"A Weapons Expert".... Jayne Cobb?

-Having Adam Baldwin in that role would be cool and smart. If they want to be coy and have "him" be a woman: Summer Glau!
I don't think there's gonna be further Whedonverse-related casting until Season 2, if we get it, fingers crossed. And Summer Glau is otherwise occupied with Arrow.
Bringing in new characters was always part of the world building on Buffy and Angel. Shows feel small when you never see a character again. Jonathon, Willie the Snitch, Principal Snyder, etc. helped Buffy feel detailed.
Exactly, we never met Spike until School Hard. And then there's Tara, Andrew, Faith and Anya.
...Huh, so I have no idea how far ahead of things they've shot so far: So the fact they have an ethnicity listed for one of the characters-- does that mean they've already hired an actor or they've just released casting sides into the ether?
Probably be casting sides. I loved the old days when fans would buy the sides on the casting sites just to get the spoilers. The speculation based on two lines of dialogue for a minor character was great fun.
One possibility is that that the ethnicity was determined by a blood relationship to an already existing character who is black.
Nick Fury's son or grandson for example.
With this announcement, I begun to wonder if the introduction of two new agents could possibly mean seeing Bobbi "Mockingbird" Morse as the one of them.

I mean, she's definitely a high-ranking operative in SHIELD and it would be interesting to see Coulson dealing with actual emotional fallout or questions from someone like Bobbi (who is Barton's wife/GF/ex, depending on interpretation) and how she could be offended on Clint's behalf that Coulson hasn't spilled the beans about his survival to at least Hawkeye and Black Widow. Could be a rather unique way to keep a running tie to the MCU films, with Mockingbird as a backchannel contact to keep in the loop....

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