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December 05 2013

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Alexa Davalos interviewed by Variety. Both our former slayer and electro-thief are featured among Taylor Schilling, Lizzy Caplan, Malin Akerman and Anna Faris in Variety's Awards Roundtable interview with TV actresses.

That was a fun roundtable.Sarah talked about her audition for Buffy.
I wonder if Sarah has a clue Alexa Davalos was on Angel...
Weird to me - 52 years ago Alexa's grandfather played one of the young leads in a Civil War drama series I followed.
Awwww, the other ladies basically bowed to her performance on "Buffy".
I've only seen Alexa in Angel, but I'm a huge fan of the other woman, they've all featured in some great things.
Well, "Mob City" was pretty good in first episode, saw her in it briefly, apparently she's much more significant this coming wee.
That should just be a regular talk show. Fun interview - seemed like everyone was enjoying it.
great video. Thank you.
Good interview. Nice to hear everyone's perspective.
That was fun. Thanks for the link.

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