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December 06 2013

(SPOILER) Sneak peek at the Agents of SHIELD mid-season finale. This episode will air next Tuesday.

I hope we'll soon find out who's behind Centipede. I'm hoping for HYDRA/AIM to be an antagonist organization.
The musical score in this show continues to be something that I actively dislike. Never had that problem before....
I've noticed that these preview clips aren't actually finished when they show them. The sound isn't fully mixed and they have a temporary score. I know for one of the other preview clips, they used one of Bear McCreary's music cues from his previous show Human Target, but when the episode aired, the music was completely different.
^ Nice intel slayerfreak5554 ^

I still notice some annoying music in the show itself. But I imagine it's just my issue, so I can deal.
This feels like the gears of villainy are turning. I like it.
This is the first time I really noticed the music in the show and I actually liked it. Also super-soldiers. Fabulous.
BeSound, I agree, the music often seems inappropriate.
@Bunnies - good to know I'm not going insane....

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