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December 08 2013

Ben Davis reported to be the Director of Photography for Avengers 2. He's worked on Guardians of the Galaxy, Kick-Ass and Stardust.

Great news ! as much as I loved "The Avengers", the cinematography was by far the weakest part of the film. Ben Davis seems like a good choice, I love "Stardust".
@Nico-Angel - what was it you didn't like about the cinematography in the first film?

Really liked Davis' work on Kick-Ass!
Amazing stuff, right here. Davis has done many of my favorite films, like "Layer Cake", "Stardust", "Kick-Ass" and "Seven Psychopaths". Great choice, Joss.
@BeSound : Too generic looking, not always very cinematic. I think it was also a choice Joss made, and the style worked well in some parts of the film, like the big fight, but I felt some parts were visually disappointing.
Avenger looked great. Pure Joss. That why i think you will be disapointed, Nico. None of its DP other movies looked neither generic, nor not very cinematic. I think you are blaming the wrong person.

Personally, i thought the cinematography looked great. Not at all like tv. At all.

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Maybe, I just couldn't help but be disappointed when I think of how gorgeous "Serenity" looked.

But it didn't take away how epic and fun the movie was, I still love it.
@Nico-Angel -- Serenity did look absolutely gorgeous, I'll give you that! One of the most visually stunning films I've ever seen. Right up the with the likes of Blade Runner and Alien in my opinion....
I was disappointed with the overall look of the film (particularly compared to the gorgeous Serenity), so hopefully it'll be an improvement.

Having said that - the Guardians of the Galaxy credit sequence in Thor 2 looked um, less than stellar...
butterz, I wouldn't read into the poet-credits scene much at all. James Gunn said he got the script that morning and shot the scene in about 2 hours at the end of the day. The low budget look of the post-credit might have also been intentional, to further distinguish it from the polish of other Marvel films, since it would be the first look audiences had of GotG. I'm sure the final product will be better.
Avengers was framed like a Marvel comic book. Serenity was framed like a western. I'll imagine the A2 will probably still look like a comic book more or less.
Jaymii, I think that people are critiquing the lighting rather than framing. Shot framing is under the director's control and light and shadow are the DP's primary creative domain. I think a lot of people preferred the cinematography in Serenity because it contains intense highlights and shadows, whereas Avengers was much more softly and brightly lit. Lighting like in Avengers is much faster/cheaper and more family friendly but also less cinematic (usually the cheaper the TV production the more brightly and evenly lit people will appear).

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