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December 09 2013

Edelstein: Much Ado is the fourth best film of 2013. New York Magazine/NPR's David Edelstein names "Much Ado About Nothing" as fourth best film of 2013 in his top ten film list

From Indiewire:

But perhaps most noteworthy is Edelstein's praise for Joss Whedon's adaptation of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing, which he shot on the fly at his house during a break in The Avengers. Not only does he suggest is "might be the best Shakespeare comedy on film," but he singles out actors Amy Acker and Nathan Fillion

I clicked on the link to the actual movie review.

A bit odd that the familiar image (Acker eavesdropping under the kitchen counter) looks like a scan of a (low resolution) printed photo, rather than the image from the movie. If I were a reader who had not yet seen the film, I'd wonder if that graininess was the stylistic choice used in the film.
That's quite a review he gives it.
Oscar nomination coming (No its not, but its a nice dream).

Great to see Miyazaki too. Big change from 10 years ago, when allmost everybody was asking how in hell a japanese toon had won the golden bear in Berlin and much press thought Spirited Away was actually that horse cartoon called Spirit.

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Much Ado is the only film on that list that I've seen. Looks like I have a lot of movie-watching to do.
I'm really hoping Amy and Nathan get some Oscar noms. I won't hold my breathe for a Best Picture nom, but I feel like these are more realistic...even if they are still a longshot.
I am glad Much Ado is getting Top Ten recognition, which shows that it has lingered in the heart, where it belongs.

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