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March 10 2004

JossWhedon.Net A new Whedon website, though there's not that much on it now.

No not much there yet. It might grow though. Say, does Joss have an official website? has been around for a while (way before Whedonesque was launched from what I can remember), it's had a major revamp thats all. It's run by Kiba (Joss Whedon's number one fan) who also runs

And no Joss Whedon doesn't have an official website. There were plans for an official Mutant Enemy website to be launched this year but what with Angel getting cancelled, those plans may have been put back or postponed indefinitely.
Ah I remember (Points for funniest site name) They had some nice interviews sometimes.

But really, ME is still alive as a company, and I'm sure they'll do more projects. It should have a site! Hell, *I* could make it. Joss! You listening?;-)
I'm sure it will up for the Firefly movie come to think of it. Serenity is a Mutant Enemy project presumably.
An official Mutant Enemy site, cool. They really need to do that. :)
Reasons to have an official M.E. website:
1) An official source to get the status of Angel and other M.E. projects.
2) Promote new Joss projects: Serenity and Astonishing X-Men.
3) Keep the fans together before they scatter like the wind after Angel ends.

I'm sure there are others but isn't that enough?
I was very surprised to find that there wasn't an official ME site when I first started digging for more Whedon information. I flitted around from site to site piecing things together but quickly found that Whedonesque gave me everything I was looking for (at least as far as what's reasonably available and accurate).

My spouse recently outed me to some non-Whedon obsessive friends as a regular visitor here and they all said, "Oh, isn't that his official site? Oh, it's not? But I hear such good things about it." These are very non-tech folk so I thought it was kind of funny. Anyway, I agree that there should be an official site but I do feel comfortable that anything of importance will be posted here in a flash.
I agree, there should be an official Joss site! He is truly amazing. I wish there was a way of contacing him online. Does anyone know of a way? If so please speak up! :)
I think if he wanted to be deluged by fan email he would have his own blog. Perhaps this is why there is no ME site. does list the ME snail mail if you feel compelled to write him.

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