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December 10 2013

What to do when your favourite show has been cancelled. Discussion of what to do - and what not to do if it happens. Some shows we know and love are mentioned.

"You didnít really think I would make an article about cancellation and not mention Joss Whedon?"

Hell, I think I miss Angel more than Firefly. Firefly I found after it was canceled, but with Angel I was watching from episode one.
For me when Firefly was cancelled I was found curled in a ball, rocking and saying why? Same with Dollhouse, at least I've the dvds and Australian comic con memories
I've made peace with cancellation as a fact of life, but the shows that end midstream or on a cliffhanger really jade the whole viewing experience. I'm more angry at the network following the cancellation and much less likely to go back and re-watch something that I know is just going to cutoff halfway through.

Actually wish there was a good site that graded out the quality of endings to TV series without giving away spoilers, because it's tricky to navigate through that searching blindly and it's something I like to know about a show before I marathon a series on DVD.
Well said BringItOn5x5! If a show ends on an off-note, it can really sour the viewer. I was pretty disappointed by the finale of Chuck. I watched and as it ended my brain kept saying, "Wait a minute, is this really it? Is someone going to wake up from a dream any second now?" Nope, that was it.

For me, both Angel and Buffy had satisfying endings.
I agree - both Buffy and Angel were satisfying. I guess to me, Chuck felt like it was an ending, just not the ending I wanted from the show. Could say the same about Dexter.

Then you have something like Deadwood. Great show, but it just unceremoniously cuts off leaving you wondering what happened to the other half of the book.
Don't take an actor's remark on Twitter about their former show, blow it out of all proportion, and then start a questionable campaign on Facebook that starts to throw a shadow on the whole fandom; embarrassingly so.

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