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December 11 2013

(SPOILER) Promo for January's Agents of SHIELD episodes. Blimey. It's all happening.

Coulson not wearing a suit! my brain.

He BEGGED to die? Was his 'resurrection' that bad? ;___;

Yay! Asgardian Dr. is back :D

Ugh, guessing Skye is going to be the big 'secret'. Also, seems she's going to be kicking ass soon on the field.

Where's Mike?! Boo.
I am not excited for this. Just kidding, I am.
"Stay away from that girl. Wherever she goes, death follows."
"We need to root out all the secrets."
"You can never tell her."

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May took out a cult that worshiped a "gifted individual", in the incident that earned her the nickname "The Cavalry". Was young Skye the "gifted" they were worshiping?

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