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December 11 2013

(SPOILER) Alexis Denisof on Grimm's Charismatic New Villain. His character debuts this Friday.

Alexis back on our screens. Proper order!
I think we already heard his voice in last week's episode.
Yes, he savored his line like a gourmet meal, too.
Grimm does have a distinctive "Angel" vibe to it. It's only fitting that Alexis shows up as the Big Bad.
How is this show progressing? We started watching it since it had a few Whedon ties to it, but it didn't really rope us in after 5-6 episodes, so we haven't been watching it since. I could see potential, but I was thinking it would be more interesting if they just dropped the whole law enforcement element and went full-on fantasy (kind of like how Angel progressed after Lockley left the show).
The show has greatly improved since its earliest episodes. Now that Nick has his own "Scooby Gang" established and we have some long-term plot points simmering, it's turned into one of my favorite shows.

It's no Buffy or Angel, but it's good.
LaneMeyer, they've pretty much done that. I didn't really like the first half or so of the first season either. The show's a lot more serialized with a rich mythology now. Now it feels the cases that they do have play second fiddle to the main story, and I love it. One of my favorite shows on currently.

Oh, and Monroe's awesome. Come to think of it, all the characters are pretty likable.

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Thanks for the comments, guys... looks like I'll have to revisit it sometime soon.
I don't keep track of ratings but obviously this show ahs network-level numbers. About time Alexis got that kind of visibility. He's abit old to becoem a breakthrough star at this point but this plus MAAN might be the ticket to his becoming "a Name."

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