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December 12 2013

io9 offers huge glimpse at the in-progress Firefly Online game. There's a few bits that have been seen before but a whole lot that hasn't yet.

So this is the completely proper and legit one? Humm. Fingers crossed. An ambitious licensed-based kind of sort of indie game.
QMX is fairly active in the facebook site of this game, I can confirm that it's real, and it's being made with the Unity Engine, since QMX do a lot of Firefly related merchandise they have a lot of knowledge of the 'verse. It seems to have kind of an elite/freelancer vibe where you take on jobs.
This game is licensed.

At the time Darkcryo issued a statement saying "Acting in good faith to our original promise not to cause unfair competition should this day ever come, we shall now pass the baton to the QMx team in support of their shiny new venture, as we focus our flagship release onto greater heights." That statement was then deleted. Unfortunately it appear they are continuing to develop their own game still.
If they can make enough changes to avoid legal troubles without scrapping all their work, more power to them. That's what I'd do.

As for the official game, it's cool seeing game models for those familiar ships. For a show that didn't last long, it generated quite a few neat looking ships.

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