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December 12 2013

Colonel James Rhodes reported to be part of Avengers 2. Bleeding Cool also says that Simon McBurney may be in the movie.

Yay Rhodey!

I've got enough time to see Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 on Netflix before A2 comes out, so I won't be completely confused if there's references to those two movies.
Oh good. I like Rhodey.
Trust in Joss - but good lord, there's gonna be an awful lot of speaking parts in this thing. Certainly been hinted that Banner/Hulk will get more time, been hinted that Hawkeye/Widow get more time, adding two new major characters in Quicksilver & The Scarlet Witch, plus maybe a new (physical) Jarvis? Now we're also adding Rhodey?

Disney better OK a 4 hour running time
This movie is starting to get bloated. I have a feeling some of these characters are being introduced to play roles in key scenes and then go away, rather rhan key roles in a movie. There's a difference. I hope I'm wrong but there's just a lot of people in this and I don't want new characters to be shoehorned in for the cool factor and ignored the rest of the movie.
I wonder if his inclusion has anything to do with his suit of armor being independent of Tony's AI-network-sort-of-thing. War Machine/Iron Patriot might be the only iron man suit that they can use to fight Ultron.
"Shoehorned in and ignored for the rest of the movie"? Yeah, because that's *totally* a concern in terms of things likely to happen in "Age of Ultron", what with it being *penned and helmed by Joss Whedon*. Oh, wait. Clearly not so much a likely thing after all. Here the first draft of the script has only just been finished, and that's more only a rough-draft blueprint than anything else, and yet there's already doom-and-gloom'ing and naysaying? Good heavens!....
Who wants to bet the team will not be together at the beginning of the film and will instead be split up into groups for major portions of the film only to unite at the end and....avenge something?
It's not doom and gloom, it's a very reasonable concern no matter WHO the director is. I think Joss can handle it - but editing and time constraints might mean more ends up on the cutting floor than originally desired and that's just reality. It's odd that some fans would be overly defensive when others just raise questions about how much substance for each character can be fit into a 2 1/2 hour running time. After all, weren't some of the complaints (and also from Renner himself) that Hawkeye didn't get to do a whole lot outside be a brainwashed lackey?
What if
I don't think time denotes quality in a film. If everyone is used sparingly, and in incredibly awesome ways, it'll be satisfying. The famous example I always think of is that Anthony Hopkins was only in Silence of the Lambs for 16 minutes.

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@lyria "Shoehorned in and ignored for the rest of the movie"? Yeah, because that's *totally* a concern in terms of things likely to happen in "Age of Ultron", what with it being *penned and helmed by Joss Whedon*. Oh, wait.

Err, one of the main complaints of the S8 comics was that Joss got carried away shoehorning in any random character from the show's past that he could. I don't agree with a lot of them except for the Master who did turn out to be utterly unnecessary and tacked on. And a lot of people feel certain characters in BtVS/AtS were neglected due to the casts becoming too big (a very common complaint of BtVS S7).

I give Joss a lot of credit for how he managed to divide screen time between the characters in The Avengers. Honestly, itís probably my biggest praise of the movie because itís no easy task and I think he did a really great job. But no matter how great of a writer or director you are if youíre cast just keeps growing and growing itís almost unavoidable that certain characters will get neglected.

I'm not saying it will happen but I don't get why you act like it's so absurd to imagine that it could.
Huh, is that really a thing that needs to be spoilered Jaymii, unless you happen to know more than the rest of us?

In any case it's good to know that he's adding a non-white character but he's also one that has enough existing personality that we don't need to worry about him being underwritten. I like to think that he's also relatively safe given the poor track record when it comes to representing some figures. I wonder if Falcon and/or Winter Soldier get to show up too/survive their guest-starring roles?
Great to hear.Really liked the Iron Man films.
eddy gets post of the thread honors hands down. Everyone else worried about cast bloat, please...if Rhodey is in the movie, he's in the movie for a very good reason, just like Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Scarlet Johansenn, Jarvis, Extra #3 and best boy gaffer. Does anyone really think Joss was handed a list of new characters to shove into a screenplay and assigned a slavemaster with a spiked bullwhip to oversee his writing process? My guess is that his deal to make the sequel involved a lot of money and a lot of autonomy within general canon. This is exciting news, not cause for consternation. I would hope anyone with a login around here would take any gossip site update with a heaping slab of faith.
He may be in the film for the same amount of time that Pepper or Selvig were in the first.
Isn't it okay if some characters have smaller parts? I like Rhody, but I wouldn't have a problem with him getting the amount of screen time that Pepper got in the first Avengers. We got a little bit of Pepper in the Avengers, then she got some great scenes Iron-Man 3. I thought that was fair.

Speaking of which, I'm willing to bet she doesn't appear in this one. Also, Coulson probably won't be in it, either. If so, then that's two less characters to free up some screen time.
I loved Pepper's part in Avengers. That first scene with Tony is so damn charming. A small part, sure, but it was great. I'll miss her if she's not in Avengers, but I'm sure we'll get some great minor character appearances in the new one too. If that's what Rhodey's part is like, then great. If he gets a more significant role than that, then that's great too.
I hope Pepper or another female character is there somewhere. Avengers is still too much of a sausage fest.
Really happy about this, Rhodey is probably my favourite secondary character in the MCU and seeing how the Iron Man movies are finished for now getting to see him in Age of Ultron is fantastic. It will be fun to see him interacting with some of the other Avengers. I don't think it will be a huge role but still looking forward to this.
Ijust hope that none of the characters get the short end of the stick like Renner did in the first one.
As long as Renner gets to play hero, and not lackey, I think he will be happy. I understand his frustration. While he played an integral part in the plot, he only got to play a person being played like a puppet for most of Avengers 1.

The think I am worrying about is if this means that Tony Stark will be caught inside an Iron Man suit for most of the movie, while his only hope is Rhodes.

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@ Shadowquest: "Iron Man 3" and "Thor 2" won't be available on Netflix for years. Starz has pay-TV rights, and then they'll debut on FX two years after. Your best luck is a Redbox rental or borrowing a copy from a friend if you want to get caught up before May 2015.

The Disney-Netflix streaming deal doesn't kick in until 2016. And even then, that's for new catalogue titles

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