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December 13 2013

Drew Goddard to write Spiderverse movie "The Sinister Six". This will focus on Spider-Man's villains.

Wow,Drew Goddard is pulling double duty in the Marvel universe.Overseeing the Daredevil Netflix series/writing & directing the pilot for Marvel studios and now working on the Spider-Man verse via collaborating on the spin-offs and writing/probably directing The Sinister Six for Sony.

I think this is great news.

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My reactions...
...upon finding out there's going to be a Sinister Six movie (that's not about Spider-Man): Yeah, okay, but...why?
...upon finding out Drew Goddard is writing it: Now I want to see it.

Still kind of think this and the Venom movie concept smell of desperate attempts to expand the "universe" within the limits of what spinoffs they have rights to via Spider-Man without having to make a Spider-Woman movie. But Drew Goddard is a nice move toward getting a clever angle on it, at least, and if that leads to a spinoff that doesn't suck, I hope they'll make the shouldn't-really-be-bold move of commissioning a female-led superhero script from someone who actually has some talent (as opposed to some of the poor excuses for movies we've seen in the past which are now being used as poor excuses not to try again).
Happy for Drew, but this is starting to feel like the bubble is about to burst.
GreatMuppetyOdin, I don't think Sony even have the rights to Spider-Woman.

I know there was some sort of talks between Marvel Studios and Sony about putting the Oscorp building in the Avengers New York skyline - I wonder if having Drew work for both parties will open up the opportunity for future collaboration?
Eh, the Sinister Six are not really villains that I want to see on-screen. It is odd how few of Spiderman's villains I think are good villains.

Drew could pull it off though. It would be awesome if Daredevil featured in that movie, but extremly unlikely at this point.

Also, I am not onboard with comic book villains getting their own movies. I hardly see them getting the Michael Corleone or Walter White treatment and succeeding financially.

Still, I guess I will see.
Unless, somehow, Sony create four Loki-sized villains, there's little chance I'll want to see the Sinister Six. I would be all over an anti-hero group, but Spidey villains are... not anti-heroes. At all, really.
If Sony wants to expand their Spider-Man universe...why don't they just make a Black Cat movie? You're telling me it makes more sense to make a Venom movie without putting him in the SM movie first instead?

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Happy for Goddard, but Sony tried the villain spinoff thing before... and it went kaput. Sony tried to get "Venom" off the ground with Gary Ross directing a few years ago... and that didn't happen.

And as pumped as I am to see Goddard do bigger and better things... it'd much better if he was doing an actual Marvel Studios film or something for WB/DC.
A "Sinister Six" movie?

The idea is by all appearances so completely ridiculous that it actually makes me think there's a possibility it could end up being totally awesome. I mean, who would greenlight a Sinister Six movie unless they had a truly mind-blowing take on it, right?

Kudos to Drew for landing this assignment. If he can pull it off, he's a genius. If not, who could possibly blame him?
I'm with Kaan, methinks Joss is going to get in and out of the Marvel business at the right time. 5, 6 years from now, people have to be getting bored with all this superhero product. And I'm wondering if it isn't a little early to say definitively that Drew is doing a Sinister 6 film...I mean, based on the trailer, it looks like Amazing Spider Man 3 is going to be a Sinister Six film. So maybe he's writing that?
MrArg, Roberto Orci, Jeff Pinker and Alex Kurtzman are penning "The Amazing Spider-Man 3" for Sony. Goddard doesn't have a hand in that... yet.

I assume "Sinister Six" will take place after ASM2 and ASM3, hence that Goddard is penning the script with an eye to direct.
MrArg, Sony has been saying for over a year that Spider-Man 4 will be more than a Spider-Man movie. I think Sinister Six is what they were referring to.

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