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December 13 2013

(SPOILER) Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Episode 11 casting info. A warm welcome to...

... read the link and see. (Being careful of spoilers, I refrain from tagging.)

Glad to see the preacher returning.

I think removing Coulson from the equation for a while will prove interesting to explore some of the other character relationships. The team's dependency on Coulson has been one of the weaker aspects of the show so far. They seem to lean on him as a father figure a little too much for a group that's supposed to be commissioned by a government agency. This could really help stir the pot, and force everyone to step up to the plate. Can't wait for January!
I'm convinced that this'll be what will make people go "oh?" and pay attention again. I mean those of "us" who have written off the show in the early goings.

This is precisely what I meant many weeks ago when I talked about needing to establish their own conventions to then later toy with. Coulson being taken seems to be one of those wonderful play sessions. :)
Aidan Turner? The Guy from "The Hobbit" and the original UK "Being Human"? This could be very good.
Or is it Aiden Turner from All My Children who has been guesting on other prime time US shows lately?
Ron Glass would be an excellent villain. I like that he has a German name that means... argue, I think?
Yup, streiten means to argue.
Yeah, I was bummed out a little when it ended up being Aiden rather than Aidan but I don't really know him.

I didn't even realize Vanchat was a character/person/concept they've alluded to twice so far.
Oh man. I went from super excited to disappointed at the bottom. I love Aidan Turner, but too good to be true, have no idea who Aiden Turner is. :(

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