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December 13 2013

Geeking OUT vlog recaps LGBT in the Whedonverse. Becca and Neil share their thoughts on Joss' evolution in handling of LGBT characters, and offer some speculatons and suspicions for Agents of Shield.

Additional props/warning for some extended discussion of Dollhouse (for those of us who enjoy/dislike that kind of thing).

Oddly, they sort of have it wrong. The first gay character introduced in Buffy is not Willow; it is Tara. Willow did not yet realize she was gay. Minor point, but for clarity.
Larry came before Tara. But does Willow's lack of awareness that she was gay mean she wasn't until she got involved with Tara?
I can't speak for anyone else, Nebula1400, but for me? Willow's sexuality pre-Tara is sort of up in the air due to Joss and the writers wanting to have either Xander or Willow realize their sexuality wasn't what they thought it was, so things were written where they could be merely humour at a "wacky" situation or the early signs of the realization dawning. Larry's reveal to Xander about being gay due to Larry thinking Xander was gay himself and Willow's remarks about her vampire doppelganger being "a little bit gay" both are fairly noticeable waypoints, with smaller events being in the background that could be re-purposed or emphasized to sell either Xander or Willow coming out.

All that is fine and dandy, but when you look at Willow getting the nod for realizing she was gay and being all "gay now" and seemingly ignoring her relationship history with Oz and Xander (and Malcolm/Moloch, technically), I think it does a bit of a disservice in some ways to those who had serious relationships with significant others who the person having the epiphany cared about deeply but really didn't have the full emotional and sexual investment for.
Larry! Forgot Larry. Yes, Larry was first.I would say Willow did not know she was gay until she realized she loved Tara.

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