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December 14 2013

Five ways to make Agents of SHIELD more Marvel-ous. Comic Book Resources elaborate on EP Jeffrey Bell's promise that the second half of the season would include more elements from the Marvel Universe and offer their ideas on how to do it.

Centipede gets revealed to be Hydra. Or a Skrull inflitration unit.
Or A.I.M, (which a friend of mine keeps insisting will happen!)
I was wondering about AIM too but they featured in Iron Man 3, so I dunno. Centipede could be the Secret Empire or the Shadow Council. At some stage, they're going to have to explain the mysterious writing in the factory. Which some people think is Skrull.
I think they could tie it together with both Iron Man 3 and Thor 2. Given the similarity in special effects, I think it could turn out the Aether is what they're using to make Extremis.
If both the aether and the tessaract are Infinity Gems, it'd be nice if SHIELD has the power/control over the universe enough to introduce another one. I... somehow doubt they do, though.
Centipede being part of AIM makes a lot of sense. Like you said, Simon, AIM was in Iron Man 3. Extremis was developed by AIM and extremis is part of centipede.
I would have felt that AIM would have been wrapped up by SHIELD and/or the US authorities after the events of Iron Man 3. Unless Killian set up a decentralised semi-autonomous structure. But he struck me as too much of a control freak to do that. So rogue AIM elements?
Who knows, maybe the 'Clairvoyant' turns out to be a really creepy version of the villain M.O.D.O.K. - of whom I personally never really saw the appeal, who normally looks quite ridiculous and who in games & cartoons tends to be done with an annoying voice... but I can actually imagine that they might make him work for TV.

Or it's the Supreme Intelligence of the alien space race called the Kree. And Fitz can turn out to be Captain Marvel in disguise.

Or it's Skrull indeed, and the REAL reason for May's change after the Cavalry incident is that she was replaced by a shapeshifting alien. Or Coulson's secret is that he's a Skrull sleeper agent. Or Fitz is one. As the comic book tagline for the Skrull invasion read, "Who do you trust?"
I don't recall how/if the whole Disney/Sony/Fox movie rights apply themselves to TV

I know there was a lot of talk around the Skrulls being the original bad guys of choice for the Avengers, but the right to use them was owned by Fox who has the Fantastic Four franchise.

I still get great amusement imagining the Ivy League lawyers sitting around a boardroom table debating who owns the rights to various characters.

"If I may draw your attention to Fantastic Four #95 - Paste Pot Pete is clearly written as an arch enemy of said super hero consortium, and NOT Captain America as opposing counsel has inexplicably claimed"
In fact, how cool would it be to have a 'Secret Invasion' thing in the TV series, where one character is revealed to be a Skrull in disguise and makes you want to review everything that character has done up until that point?

I think that I read something before the series started, how every character will be more than they appear to be in the beginning, or that everyone has deep secrets and backstories, something to that extent. Whichever, it made me wonder from the start if they would hide some aliens among the team.

I've always liked the original Captain Marvel backstory, where an alien with human appearance takes the place of a specialist on a space base (who died in an accident without anybody else knowing about it) in order to spy on Earth's scientific progress, to ensure that Earth would not pose as a threat to his alien race of the Kree. His loyalties are put under pressure when he comes to care for humans, but his superior (who hates him and wants him to die so he can steal his girl) keeps giving him orders such as releasing a deadly virus to see if humans are resistant - with severe penalties should he not comply.
Fascinating drama basis IMO, something which I think could translate to serialized TV really well.
TallMichaelJ - I'm pretty sure the same rights division apply. Perhaps the specific 'Skrull' name would not be usable. However, the race used in the Avengers, the Chitauri, is the name used by the Skrulls in Marvel's 'Ultimate' continuity.
Then again, I think Joss stated that the Chitauri would not have shapeshifting abilities, so the original depiction of the race as introduced in Fantastic Four may indeed not be seen in the (extended) Marvel Cinematic Universe.

I think they also couldn't use someone like Doctor Doom, who might otherwise be a nice choice for the scary mastermind running the show.
I really don't want to see a major Skrulls plot. I didn't like the endless debates on who was and wasn't a doll in Dollhouse.
Well, I really liked that 'who do you trust' aspect of the Skrull infiltration in the comics, but you've got a point there, that if they'd do something like that for TV it might be seen as a similar sort of 'gimmick' to what Joss and co. already gave us in Dollhouse.

If aliens are involved, I think I'd also prefer a Kree connection. With a small hope for Fitz, or one of those new regulars coming up in the second half of the season, being Captain Marvel.
As someone with basically no knowledge of Marvel, I understand so little of this speculation!

But since we've already seen examples of alien and Chitauri artefacts being left on Earth, it makes me wonder if they're building a bigger picture. The giant flying creatures (see my technical speak!) in the Chitauri invasion at the Battle of New York look a little like centipedes...

And thinking of narrative, one thing Coulson's death took from him is closure. He was working with SHIELD against Loki, and then he died and missed the Chitauri invasion. So it might make sense for him to confront them in some way.
TallMichaelJ, I need a "like" button for your image of the lawyers arguing over the comic book characters.

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