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December 14 2013

Someone *other* than SMG as Buffy? Natasha Lyonne of "Orange is the New Black" has hinted in the past that she had been given scripts for "Buffy" and turned them down. Could she have been our Slayer?

I haven't seen Orange is the New Black yet so I'm only familiar with her work in the American Pie series. I actually found her pretty likable in this movies but I really couldn't see her playing Buffy. If she had I think it would have been an entirely different character all together.

I do love her quoting her mother. And her comment about SMG was great.
Sorry, but no. She's a good actress, and maybe she could have pulled off Faith or another slayer, but not Buffy.

I love the pics of Uzo Aduba (Crazy Eyes). She's an incredible actress and singer (the lead in a musical I wrote).
Oh what, I thought this was for the seemingly failed reboot movie thing. This was for OUR TV show? Wowzers.
She told the interviewer she turned down... "Buffy The Vampire Slayer," choosing to continue "exploring the messy, unhappy lives of young women" instead.

Seems unlikely, doesn't it, considering that except for Alyson and David (whose character didn't even exist then), all the actors that were in the original presentation were also in the series.
Is there some reason she would lie? I find this easy enough to believe. After all, Charisma Carpenter also auditioned for the role of Buffy. So, I believe, did Clare Kramer. Lyonne was up-and-coming at the time, prior to her well-publicized problems. I am very glad she is healthy now.
I can see it; I believe the WB also pursued a young, pre-Dawson Katie Holmes for Buffy. In the earliest stages, you cast your net wide and see who's interested, then narrow it down from there.
A lot of people auditioned for the role, and I'm sure a lot of people were given scripts and asked to audition for the role. I never heard that anyone besides SMG was actually offered the role.
Yes, but you can't replace those green eyes.
Yeah, "the messy, unhappy lives of young women" doesn't describe Buffy at all, does it? ;)

I don't think I've seen Lyonne in anything, but I think we have to keep in mind that a lot of what we think of as defining Buffy in retrospect came from Sarah's collaboration with Joss, and if someone else would've gotten the role, we'd probably now have a very different idea of what is or isn't Buffy. It's not like Sarah's performance was based on what Kristy Swanson had established (I believe she was even specifically told to steer away from what had been done before after first trying to approximate a Swanson-esque performance in her first audition). I think Charisma Carpenter and Katie Holmes (and I want to say Selma Blair, but I might be making that up) came pretty far in auditions, and they would presumably have done it completely differently from what SMG ended up developing, but that doesn't necessarily mean they wouldn't have grown into the part and developed something we'd now be looking back at as the definitive Buffy in absence of having seen anything better (whoa, run-on sentence much?). SMG got the part and kind of made it her own, and if she hadn't, someone else would've made it different. Hell, Angel was originally supposed to be Hispanic, and Spike almost got an American southern accent. Joss may be a genius and all, but he's not working in a vacuum. Filmmaking is a collaborative art form.

witchlover: SMG wasn't offered the role. She auditioned. A lot. She almost got Cordelia, but lobbied really hard for Buffy until she almost gave up just moments before being told she got the part. Being offered a script is not the same thing as being offered a role.
GreatMuppetyOdin - She was obviously offered the role eventually (and the rest is history). To me being "offered the role" is the same as being "given the job". It's the last step in the process.
'Offered the role' tends to imply a lack of audition, i.e. the actor/actress in question was specifically sought out rather than needing to "apply" for the job. I imagine that Tom Hanks, for example, has regular role offers but hasn't done much in the way of auditions lately.

GMO - I'd never heard that Angel was intended to be Hispanic but it does seem to make sense.
I've only s een Lyonne starring in But I'm a Cheerleader (basically just anjother gross teen coemdy with a coming-out hook) and in a supporting part in Loving LEah so I've ltitle to go on. I'm nto surprised to ehar any actress in the age rnage havign received a whatever goes out ebfore the audition, or to ahve auditioned. I beleive the total number who put in for it was in the hundreds.

And Sarah's eyes are topaz-yellow.
she did got the role of cordelia, she said that in the end she would just settle and play cordelia cause she was so emotionally exhausted after the several auditions they put her through
Everyone just go watch OITNB, which is the best series I watched all year.
^Yes, Orange[...] is just that good!

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