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December 16 2013

Danny Strong set to script Guys And Dolls remake. He's doing amazingly well in Hollywood. It's well deserved.

I'm glad dude is working, but 'Remake Roulette' is killing me.
He gets to play with Damon Runyon dialogue. If not Writer's Heaven, that must at least be Writer's Hearts and Flowers Club. We must call him Broadway Danny Strong.
Wow. I'm conflicted about this, but happy for Danny. If Guys and Dolls is going to get the remake treatment, then at least the script is in good hands. Frankly, it's the potential for miscasting that scares me more. For once, can they just cast people who can frickin' sing?
Remember that Much Ado was also a remake. :) I think that enough time has passed to make this palatable using any reasonable measure you care to mention.
He's doing amazingly well in Hollywood. It's well deserved.

Unless of course, he's messing with his magic bone again....
He is remarkably talented.
Going Strong 8-)
It's great to see Danny trusted with so much A-game material!

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