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December 16 2013

The Trio: the oral history of Warren, Jonathan, and Andrew, Buffy's geekiest villains. Jennifer Vineyard undertakes a "micro oral history" of how The Trio were developed, interviewing the writers and actors.

This is really good. I'm at a loss for words as to how good this feature is.
This makes me wonder why we haven't been referring to them as JAW this entire time ;-)
Yeah, really good, insightful read.
I'm a lovely rainbow of horrible nerd qualities.

This was great. The Trio were brilliant.
Thanks for sharing! Now I want about 6,000 more of these!
I agree with Simon, barboo jcs, and losthero47. Just wanted to note how well done this is.

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I love good oral histories, they always pull up a million fantastic anecdotes.
Fantastic read! Loved Greenbergs anecdote about the Bobba Fett action figure.
I always loved how they were so hilarious and classic "geeks". Not unlike many of us on here (said with nothing but love!). But then become that darker, misogyny that you see so often (not like us at all!). They're the fantasy game with nothing but half-naked (sometimes without the half-), dominated/controlled women etc. Basically, there's an evil side to every lifestyle and I think BtVS was one of the first to highlight the potential evil-ness in the "geek" world?
This is great. Now I want to see all the crazy stuff that got edited out!
swanjun, I definitely appreciated the insight that the biggest destruction of all came from humans, as it is the case usually. No demons or vampires or monsters could make things as personally damaging as three nerds who felt ignored and put down. I also appreciated the thought given to the real-life lesson in all this, that if we take more consideration to be kind and to acknowledge others, we might prevent people from this kind of anger and corruption.
Really great piece, especially since nobody was really clamoring for an oral history of the Trio. Jennifer Vineyard has become one of my favorite people to read. She also did that awesome Patton Oswalt interview about his favorite Whedonverse crushes. She and I separately covered the same Game of Thrones panel at NYCC and her piece was so much better than mine that I felt that I really needed to step up my game.
Oh wow. This is great.
One of the first episodes of Buffy that I tried watching, when it was on television, and I was trying it out because I had read that it was so "intelligent" was the episode where she's trying to get a job, while the Trio put her through their various trials, and I remember thinking something along the lines "These guys are the villains? They're so cheesy." Not having had all that background that built up to who they were. Later when I was binge-watching the entire 7 years on DVD I was devastated that Jonathon, after that emotional interaction where she shares her own pain with him in "Earshot", would join against her, not knowing that the public hadn't seen "Earshot." But I was pleased that it was Jonathon who was clearly having guilt pangs, and eventually gave Buffy the clue to defeating Warren. I think all along Jonathon and to a certain extent Andrew just never realized that they weren't just playing another nerd game, only with a bigger board. It's Warren who is truly evil, and it's in his misogyny that you see how evil he is expressed.
Confirms what I'd heard before, that Joss clued Amber in on this almost ayera before "Seeing Red" but everybody else was pretty much shocked in a "Col. Henry Blake redux" way.

If Brad had been available and he'd been the leader, the Trio would've probably been darker, too. And S-7, interesting changes there, too. Probably soem Alternate Ourverse where the show was done that way, as well as alternate Buffyverses where it happened.

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barboo, the public did eventually see Earshot. It aired a bit later, and fans who kept up with Buffy news knew why it hadn't been aired yet, so they also had an idea of how Jonathan fit into the season's villain plot.

What struck me was that Earshot was such a catalyst in Buffy being given the Protector award, but the scene still played well even though (at that point) we didn't have context for why Jonathan was giving her that award. I remember thinking it was just acknowledging that she had saved the world time and time again. The fact that it was Jonathan giving it to her didn't strike me as very significant until this article pointed out the interruption in continuity because Earshot had to be delayed.

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That was great. I know the show is smart, but hearing the people working on it explain it with warmth is awesome.
Fun interview, I love reading cast and crew talking about Buffy memories.
the ninja report, just thinking about that scene in The Prom where Jonathan calls Buffy up to the podium makes me tear up.
Great article, but I am shocked and dismayed to hear that none of them (not even Tom!) had played D&D. This is where the departure of Seth Green was felt most keenly.
It is not clear to me is this was a concurrent discussion between all the people involved or if this was pieced together from disparate conversations. This is about as calm as I have seen Amber Benson over Tara's death in many years. I am not sure if she is responding to what others have said or if they just inserted her comments.
@Dana5140 I can claim no insider knowledge; my reading of the article is definitely the latter case.
I take it the video is playing for everyone else?

ETA: Having now read the transcript -- this is indeed fabulous, and not just because it confirms so many of my suspicions about Season Six.

(Many, but not all. For the last few I need to get Joss on a psychologist's couch. Or have him fight Jonathan Woodward in a cemetery. Whatever works.)

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So many nuggets of Buffy trivia! And I have to agree that getting nearly everyone involved with the Trio's portrayal barring Joss himself to share remembrances adds a new dimension to how S6 evolved :D
ManEnoughToAdmitIt, just so you know, the videos weren't the interviews themselves. The interviews are only text. The embedded videos are for certain scenes and to give you background so you know what they're talking about.
In some cases, they are clearly responding to what others said, although they obviously weren't in the same room or anything. And my impression is that they all knew that this was a conversation with a lot of the people involved.

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